MLM Marketing Systems – Why I Don't Do Them

Yesterday I received an email from someone pretending to be interested in my network marketing business opportunity. It turns out that he was actually trying to recruit me into his MLM marketing system – a so-called network marketing lead generation system.
The system looks like it is an internet scraper, essentially a web spider that searches the internet for email addresses and phone numbers on websites involved in network marketing. The users of these systems are lead to believe that they now have a list of thousands of qualified leads. I appear on these lists and I am definitely NOT a qualified lead for them. It just annoys the crap out of me when I receive one of their automated phone calls.
Does this kind of lead generation really work? Do people really bail on their current opportunity so easily and join a new one? And if they do, are these really the people that you want on your network marketing team?
I don’t get involved in these lead generation systems. One reason is because I want to talk to people who are serious about building a solid network marketing business, not just jump on every shiny new opportunity that comes along. The biggest reason that I stay away from those systems is because I have better things to do than chase people who aren’t interested in my business opportunity. Those systems are kind of the internet version of the three foot rule that I wrote about last time.
I prefer to attract people who are already interested. They are easier to talk to and I have a much better chance of signing them up. The people who have joined my team in the past several months have joined me because I don’t do any of those systems. They want something that is simple and works so that they can quickly get down to the business of changing peoples’ lives and making money as a result.
A simple blog, a little bit of time on the social networks, happy customers with amazing testimonials, and a check that grows from month to month. If this is something that appeals to you then let’s talk and see if my business opportunity would be right for you. Just leave a comment below, opt in on my “Work With Wayne” page, or contact me at the email address or phone number in the header above and I will get back with you.
Wayne Woodworth

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