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Set Up A Life You Don't Need to Escape FromThank you for taking the time to find out about working with me. My name is Ben and my business is Yonder Willow Wellness. My intent here is to give you an overview of what I do and how we can partner up for our mutual success.

You should know by now that I am building a home-based business in network marketing with a wellness company called Nikken. I chose Nikken because I liked the idea behind the products. I have stayed with Nikken because I like the company, I like the people I have met and worked with, and I love the products. I’ll talk more about Nikken later because here I want to talk about how I am building my business and how you can do the same if you choose to join my team.

Retail Profit – The Quickest Path to Cash

Most people in network marketing only talk about recruiting, building their team. I don’t. I focus first on selling product to earn retail profits. If you rely primarily on recruiting new people and getting them on an autoship, you will need A LOT of people to sign up to make much money. More importantly, especially when you are starting out, there is more money in retail profit than in any commissions or bonuses that you can earn from having a team.

I have been building my business on retail since I went online in November of 2007. In November 2015 Nikken got on board with the idea and has done several things to make selling the products at retail easier, and has started offering incentives for people to do more retail. It’s nice to be already set up for retail and able to cash in on the new incentives right away.

Internet Network Marketing

The second part to my network marketing formula is building my business online. I’ll be honest with you, I was a web developer back when I had a “real job”. What I did then was nothing like what I’m doing online now. To be honest, corporate America does it the hard way. Internet marketing can be easy and I will show you exactly what I’m doing so that you can do the same. You can have a blog set up online in less than 15 minutes, it doesn’t take any special skill and it is very inexpensive.

I think the buzzword for what I’m doing now is called content marketing. My websites are self-hosted WordPress blogs. I write a new post on my two websites, ideally once a week, then promote them by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. The sharing part on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs is about engaging with others. I can best extend my reach by sharing other people’s content, first because it’s good content, and second in the hopes that they will then share mine.

You can see most of what I do by looking around the website you are on now, my Nikken product website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

I am writing an e-book that walks you through how to build your own website. It’s more of a manual really. When done, it will completely describe how I got to where I am online so that you can follow in my footsteps. I am also backing that up with a membership website that further describes everything with screen capture images and video.

So, why be online when all of the other network marketers tell you that you need to be building cold-calling lists and prospecting all your friends? Two reasons – 1) building a list only works when you already know people to put on your list who understand the value of owning their own business and 2) you can reach thousands more people online than you can by going to networking meetings and business expos.

My Nikken Business Plan

My Nikken plan looks like this.

How to Build a Successful Nikken Team

My goal is to make 6K in personal sales volume every month and to help 6 committed people who join my team do the same thing. Then each of those people repeats the process by helping 6 people join their teams and reach 6K in personal sales.

The exciting thing about building your Nikken business this way is that you no longer have to worry about what the compensation plan looks like. When you are making close to 6K a month, you are going to have people who want to join your team and you will go Silver in 2 months. That’s exactly what I did when I went Silver (though the numbers were higher back then).

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me either by
email or on the phone at 770-744-0612. Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you.


This is a network marketing business. There are no guarantees that you will make any money. I don’t make any money when you join my team. With Nikken you only make money when you or your team sells product.

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