Hey Network Marketer, Are You Online Yet?

Online Network Marketing - are you online yet?Now that you’re here, I’m going to assume that you are a network marketer. Do you have your own website yet? I mean a real website, or at least a real website address. You’re missing out if you aren’t doing at least a little bit of online network marketing.

Your Biggest Online Network Marketing Mistake

You probably do some online marketing. You post things on your social media accounts, right? Maybe you share the company’s latest product picture or event to your Facebook page and post it to Instagram.
But you probably make this one mistake that could cost you some of your sales.
When you share your link to the product you use the link the company gave you.
It probably looks just like everyone else’s, at least all the important parts do.
My business name is yonderwillow, so my company-provided link is (leaving out the company name) http://www.my-mlm-company.com/yonderwillow.
Everyone’s link is http://www.my-mlm-company.com/[something].
If all your prospect remembers is the name of your company and leaves off the last part they will get a random distributor.
Worse, you have a really long, hard-to-spell last name and you used your name as your business name. Your prospect will eventually give up and leave it off. They get a random distributor.

Minimum Online Network Marketing

There is one easy, inexpensive solution.
Register a domain name. You don’t have to create a website or do anything complicated. Just register a domain and have then redirect it to your company-provided URL.
Now when you share your company’s picture you can use your own web address – http://www.my-own-website.com. There’s nothing that can be left off. Your prospects find you, and only you.
Put your new web address on your business cards too. Your own address is much more impressive than your company URL It helps you stand out from the crowd.
Right now, GoDaddy is offering domain registration for only $12. That’s so little to spend for a year of added income security. (No, that is NOT an affiliate link. I don’t use GoDaddy myself though I know many people who do for this purpose.)

Online Network Marketing to the Next Level

I don’t do that myself because I have my own website. But it pains me to see all these people potentially giving their prospects away.
I would be one thing if they were giving them all to me (  kidding!  😉   )
A redirected domain is a good start but you could do more without building a full-fledged website.

The Problem

Your company posts a picture about its latest miracle juice and you share it. You use your simple redirect like we already discussed.
Your prospect arrives at your company website but where do they go to get the new miracle juice? Is under Power Potions or Healthy Elixirs?
With a little more work you can take your prospect directly to the product (assuming that your company’s website lets you. Mine does).

The Solution

This is where I started.
You do get a hosting account and install WordPress as if you were going to build a real website. (This is an affiliate link to the hosting company I have used for 10 years.)
You don’t actually create a page, you create a redirect to the product. Over time you can create redirects to all your products. This is more than you can do with a single URL which is why you need a hosting account instead of just a domain.
Share your product with a good link that gets your prospect right to what they need, like http://www.my-own-website.com/miracle-juice.
That’s much better than making them search for what they want.
This is more involved than just buying a domain for a year and does cost more. I walk you through how to get a hosting account and install WordPress here. Reach out to me once that is set up and I will show you how to create your redirects to your individual products.

Online Network Marketing All The Way

This is what I do now.
Once you have your hosting account and WordPress is installed, you can build an actual website any time you want.
Here’s how to do it.

  1. Pick a product that you already have a redirect to, like Miracle Juice.
  2. Delete the redirect link
  3. Create a new page with the same URL (web address) of the redirect link
  4. Write something about your experience with the product
  5. Insert an image of the product.
  6. Insert a link to the product on your company-provided website

Now you share the link on social media and they come back to your page and get a better understanding of the product before they go on to the company page and order the product from you.
You stay in control the entire time.
People think this is really hard to do, but it isn’t. I gave you the link to my training above and I’ll give it to you again. I walk you through how to create a website and blog and make them work for you. Social media is just a piece of your online strategy instead of the whole strategy.

Additional Benefits

Your own website has additional benefits. Search engine traffic is the big one. Google and the other search engines index your website and send you traffic. All of my orders come from the search engines, mostly Google.
Here’s some more about my approach to network marketing.

Your Turn

What are you going to do? Keep using your company link? (If you’re in my company, thank you.) Use your own URL? Give you customers better service with redirects all the way to the product? Or go full-on online network marketing and build your own website?
You have a lot of options. Let me know in a comment below what you decide.
I will also appreciate it if you would take just a moment to share this post with your followers on social media.
Thanks for reading.

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