I'm Not Good at Selling

“I’m not very good at selling.” You hear that excuse all the time in network marketing when you talk to prospects. You know what? I’m not very good at selling either.
My Dad just stopped in to pick up some Girl Scout cookies that he bought from my daughter and decided to order a magnet so that he can return the one he has been borrowing. I talked him into buying a less expensive one. I did that because from what he was saying, the less expensive magnets will work better for him. I didn’t do it just because he is my father.
I do the same thing with all of my customers. If there is a better solution for them, and it turns out to be less expensive for them, then I will recommend the less expensive one every time. They will be happier in the short term because they paid less money and they will be happier in the long term because they will get the results they were looking for.
This business can’t be just about the money. It has to be about caring for other people and giving them the best solution regardless of how much money I stand to make from it. Besides, if they have a great experience with me the first time then they are more likely to come back again. That is always a good thing.
If this is the kind of person you are then I would love to work with you. Leave a comment below or you can email or call me. My contact info is at the top of this page next to my picture. Let’s set up a time to talk and see how we can be lousy sales people and help people together.
Wayne Woodworth

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