Online Network Marketing vs Old-School MLM

successful network marketing onlineA few years ago I attended a big event put on by the Royal Diamond leaders in the network marketing company I am affiliated with. One of the leaders was asked what he thought about using the internet in network marketing. He had a very good answer.

He said the internet allows anyone to experience MLM success. In the traditional network marketing approach, it was always the big personalities who succeeded – those who could get up on stage and command an audience. The successful network marketers were the people with a lot of charisma and liked to be in the spot light – the extroverts.

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Going Platinum in Nikken

Nikken Distributor RanksThe idea came to me a couple weeks ago to go for the Platinum rank with my Nikken business. I’ve been thinking about it and what it will take while I have been rebuilding my business after letting it sit for almost two years. I talk about that in my last post about how online network marketing works.

I have been at the Silver rank for a few years now, which has maxed out the commission percentage I get from my customers’ orders. For someone who only focuses on retail sales of product to customers, Silver is as far as I have needed to go. To go beyond that increases the number of people that I earn a percentage from – kind of like starting new franchises, having someone else run them, and collecting a small percentage.

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Network Marketing Online Works

Online Network MarketingMy upline likes to say that you can’t build a network marketing business solely online. In fact, one of my friends (unfortunately not on my team :-( ) who I helped get setup online was told not to distract his downline with all of this online nonsense.

I just don’t get it!

There are three big reasons that I like being online: reach, time and longevity.

1) Reach: Most network marketers struggle to reach people face-to-face even when they live in a large city. You have to find the people who are interested in what you have. That usually means convincing people to come out to a long in-home or hotel meeting. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to those things. I prefer to spend my evenings home with my family.

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How to Make the Most of Your Years

Put More Life in Your YearsI saw this quote on Twitter this morning that got me thinking.

In the end its not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.  – Abraham Lincoln

There are two big challenges that people can face in getting the most life into their years – health and money.

The Problem

If you aren’t healthy then you cannot live life as fully as you could if you were healthy. Your diet, stress level, air quality, water quality, and sleep quality play a big part in your health. If you can address at least some of these issues you will be able to live a bigger life.

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Great Business Opportunities

OpportunityI saw this quote from Robert Kiyosaki recently:

Don’t just try to find great opportunities. Find an opportunity and make it great.

Many people spend so much of their time looking for the perfect opportunity under the ideal circumstances that they never actually get started on any opportunity. The results are the same as never even looking for an opportunity – no results at all. It is better to get started on the opportunity right in front of you and make it great.

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Benefits of Building a Nikken Business Online

Online Network MarketingOne of the benefits of having a network marketing business is time freedom. Honestly, I haven’t seen too many traditional network marketers actually have that. It’s always push, push, push to the next event.

Working my Nikken network marketing business online allows me some of that time freedom that offline people only get to dream about. Once written, my online content continues to work for me around the clock, which means I don’t have to. Having online content working for me allows me to step away from time to time when I have other things to do.

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To Be Successful in Nikken You Must Engage With People

Engagement With PeopleI was watching Minute With Maxwell yesterday and the word of the day was “engagement”. The way John Maxwell views the word “engagement” is when two people come together for a common purpose. For an engagement to work, both people have to be looking to add value to the other. It needs to be win-win.

If the engagement is not win-win, it is one-sided, then the relationship will quickly fall apart.

The obvious relationship that people think of in terms of engagement is two people getting married. For a marriage to work both people need to be engaged and working together.

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Achieving Silver With Nikken Has Become Even Easier

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenNikken has made moving up to the rank of Silver even easier.

When I started with Nikken six years ago, you needed either 20,000 PGV (personal group volume) in one calendar month or 25,000 PGV total spread out over 4 consecutive calendar months. You also had to have 3 people on your team at the Senior rank and be registered for Humans Being More training.

On August 1, 2011, just eleven months ago, Nikken made reaching Silver a lot easier. You had three consecutive months to earn 20,000 PGV instead of one month. You still had to have three Seniors and be taking Humans Being More. This allowed me to reach Silver last October (2011).

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Network Marketing – Getting People to Your Meetings

Online Network Marketing MeetingOne of the biggest challenges that I have seen most traditional network marketers have is getting their prospects to come to the opportunity meetings. I have been to plenty of them where the room is full of distributors and only two or three guests, and those guests were usually all invited by the same person.

A lot of times the meetings are in the evening and people don’t want to go back out after getting home from work. I know I didn’t back when I had a job. Other times the problem is that the meeting is just too far away. That’s usually the case for me.

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