How To Protect Your Income From the Changing Times

Times change and jobs go away either through automation or outsourcing. Do you know how to protect your income?Have you seen the stories lately about how robots are taking all of the jobs? Automation, especially in factories, is forcing people out of work. In my field, software development, we faced outsourcing projects to other countries. In some industries, they outsource the entire factory. You need to know how to protect your income from the changing times.

In a lot of cases, using robots in a factory is a lot safer and more efficient. They significantly cut down on the number of injuries. But how do you make a living if you are one of those workers who gets replaced?

From my experience, outsourcing software development to other countries just doesn’t work. Sure, they can save a lot of money with cheap developers, but from what I saw they pretty much got what they paid for. Failed projects get very expensive because they have no return on investment. Regardless of my opinion, it still happens. And just like the factory worker, you wonder how you’re going to pay your bills.

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Which is Better for a Home-Based Business, Big Ticket Items or Small?

There is a debate in the home-based business world. Is it better to sell a few big-ticket items or to sell more low-cost items? What's the answer?You want to start a home-based business. You love the idea of making money from home. No alarm clock to get up to every morning and no boss to answer to. You call the shots. But there seems to be this big debate. Some people say that big ticket items are better because you only have to sell a few every month to earn a decent check. Other people say that you need inexpensive products because they are easier to sell. Which is true?

Arguments can be made for both, and they are. That is what makes it so confusing. How do you choose the best company to start your network marketing business with?

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Network Marketing is Hard

Many people think that network marketing is hard. Is it really, or are you just missing something?Network marketing is hard, right?So hard in fact that after you sign up you don’t know what to do. You buy a stack of brochures and one or two of the products, but what then? You’re done before you even really get started.

Why is that? Network marketing is advertised as the easiest business that you could get into. It doesn’t cost much to join. You don’t need a lot of specialized skills. Finally, there is no cap to how much money you can make. What could be hard about that?

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Building Your Own Business is a Struggle, Right?

Does success in network marketing have to be a struggle?People like to think that running their own business is hard, that it is a struggle. They say that network marketing is hard because it takes too much time. You have to pester your friends and family to at least buy your product if they won’t join your team. How will you ever have success in network marketing?

You have to struggle to be successful in anything. It’s a requirement, right? You have to struggle to learn the products, build and maintain your team, find customers. Is it really worth all of this effort to build your own business in network marketing?

Of course it is worth it. The struggle is all in your head.

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What Does Social Media Marketing Do?

What does social media marketing do? What is social media's purpose in online marketing?If you build a home-based business in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or some other form of online marketing, then you spend some of your time on social media. So, what does social media marketing do for you?

There are so many social media platforms available to marketers. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the ones that I use the most. LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram are three more that are very popular. YouTube is great for videos and StumbleUpon is one of many social sharing services. They all have the same purpose as far as social media marketing goes. What does social media marketing do?

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What Network Marketing Is Not

There are many claims about what network marketing is. Sort out the truth with What Network Marketing Is Not.I read some interesting things this morning about network marketing. It said that it is a scam preying on the poor because it has a 99% failure rate. In this post I want to look at some of the claims made about network marketing and talk about what network marketing is not.

There is a lot of hype about network marketing. People make a lot of claims about what it is, from both within and without the industry. I want to look at some of those claims and see what is really true, and what is false.

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Why Network Marketing Doesn’t Work

Why network marketing doesn't work. It isn't because of network marketing itself.I’ve been writing  about how network marketing is better than a job. If you talk to very many people outside of network marketing you will probably not find many who agree with me. They say network marketing doesn’t work. So this time I’m going to talk about why network marketing doesn’t work.

Many people join network marketing every year, but very few people make any money. Not only do most people not make money network marketing, they lose money because they spend more than they make. Why is it still around if it doesn’t work?

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Network Marketing Secrets to Success

Three network marketing secrets to success that I have used to build my network marketing business.You started your network marketing business, so now you’re ready to quit your  job, right? Wrong! Don’t quit your job yet. Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some time to get your business to the point where you can make enough money. So, to help you along your way, let’s look at some network marketing secrets to success.

Last time we talked about the first step, how to choose the right network marketing company to partner with. This time we will talk about the keys to success.

Can you get rich with network marketing? Of course you can. If one person can do something, then it is possible for anyone to repeat it. A better question is, will you get rich with network marketing? And that’s entirely up to you.

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How to Choose the Best Network Marketing Company

If you are going to do network marketing you need to know how to choose the best network marketing company.Two weeks ago I suggested the idea of network marketing as an alternative to a miserable job. I had been in a miserable job and ultimately network marketing proved to be my exit. I continued that idea last week in a post about why network marketing is better than a job. This week I will help you figure out how to choose the best network marketing company.

Once you decide to do network marketing, your most important decision is choosing the best network marketing business to join. You want to choose the right company for you so that you can get busy building your future.

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Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job

Want to know why network marketing is better than a job? I quit my last job in 2009 and I have never looked back. I made the choice to work from home and build my network marketing business full-time, or what passes for full-time in my world. This post will show you why network marketing is better than a job.

In my lasts post I talked about how to escape a miserable job. My miserable job was one where I got stuck in a windowless office across from the noisy printers. I was a software developer and they sentenced me to maintain a deplorable piece of software that someone else designed. I would also be the eventual scapegoat for its inevitable failure.

Like I said last time, I needed a way out. I did get one more job after that one, and the new one was an amazing opportunity with a great company, but I had already decided that I was done. I just needed something to tide me over until I had my new business in place. That new business was in network marketing.

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