Nikken Business Opportunity

Why did I decide to get involved in network marketing (MLM if you prefer) with a company like Nikken and decide to go exclusively on the internet?

Network Marketing Reason #1 – Time With Family

The number one reason I got involved in network marketing is because I like to be at home with my family. I like being able to sit here in my home office where my 6-year old son can come in and ask me to play with Legos with him, and I can tell him “Yes. Yes I can.” Or my 8-year old daughter can tell me she is bored and we can find something to do together for a little while.

I don’t always stay home. Sometimes we get out of the house to go hike. We live close to the mountains and the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia, so there are plenty of great places to get outside.

Network Marketing Reason #2 – No Boss

The second reason for network marketing is no boss!. With that comes no alarm clock and no rush hour traffic. I don’t have anybody telling me what to do, where to be, and when to be there.

To be honest, my last job was great. I had a great boss, great people to work with, a nice office. It was… well… great. The only issues I had with the job were that I had to be there when they wanted me to be there and do what they wanted me to do. So I quit.

The “no boss” thing is a bit of a double-edged sword though. It’s kind of like that old Spider-Man line – “With great power comes great responsibility”. You have complete control of your time, but you are also completely responsible for getting done what needs to get done in your business. Some people need a boss to keep them on track, and that’s OK. That was an adjustment that I had to make, and two and a half years later I’m still working on it.

Nikken Reason #1 – I Like and Use the Products

I did sign up for the business right from the start when I was introduced to Nikken. That allowed me to buy the products at wholesale and save 20%, and an additional 10% on anything that I received monthly on autoship. I didn’t get very active in the business side until I had used the product for two or three years.

We use the whole magnetic sleep pack, the magnetic chair pad, PowerBands, magnetic insoles, and when something hurts we also use the PowerPatches and PowerChips.

We use the water filters, shower filters and air filters.

We also use some of the nutritional supplements – CiagaV, Bergisterol, and I couldn’t make it through pollen season without the Jade GreenZymes barley grass powder.

I even use the far-infrared socks. I like my Nikken socks.

We don’t use all of the products though, and I put much energy into promoting all of the products. There are more than enough items that I believe in to make for a very successful business.

Nikken Reason #2 – I Believe in the Company

Does Nikken do everything right and always make perfect decisions? If course they do!

OK. No. I don’t always agree with everything they do all the time, at least not from my perspective. The company is run by real people. Sometimes real people make mistakes. Sometimes things happen within a business that are outside of any one person’s control. Sometimes a business has to try something new that may or may not work. Often, as a distributor, we don’t know everything that is going on.

To not try new things is to go grow stagnant and die. Nikken has been around for more than 35 years. They don’t do “stagnant”.

From my perspective, Nikken is a company with a lot of heart. When they try something and it doesn’t work, they fix it. If it does work, then they expand it and make it work bigger. They are about Humans Being More.

Nikken is very responsive to the field. They listen to the distributors. The current pack strategy and the requirements to reach the Silver level are two excellent examples of things that they did at the distributors’ request.

Do they always give us what we ask for? Of course not. That wouldn’t make sense. It is taken into consideration and weighed against all of the other factors and they do respond.

It’s actually a very exciting company to be associated with right now.

Internet Marketing Reason #1 – Time With Family

I’m not a big fan of traditional network marketing. It seems too much like a job. Networking meetings are too early in the morning – back to alarm clocks and rush hour traffic. No thank you. Meeting people face-to-face means more time away from home. Remember, I like to be at home with my family.

Working on the internet, in the form of a blog website, allows me to work when I want to or when I have the time. If I want to play with Legos with my kids, go hiking, or just sit and read a book, I can do that and arrange my work around it.

Internet Marketing Reason #2 – More Reach

Traditional network marketing is a face-to-face business. Sure, some of it can be done on the phone, especially if you already have a connection with the person you are talking to. Most of it is face-to-face meeting with people at coffee shops and dragging them to hotel or in-home meetings.

Don’t get me wrong. That works great for the people who know how to do that. My Royal Diamond upline, Jack and Sheri, are awesome and very successful at that. It’s not for me.

Internet network marketing allows me to connect with people all over the world. Since I am in the US, I can sell product all over the US and Canada and I can introduce people to the Nikken business opportunity in about 35 other countries. A traditional network marketer will have a lot harder time reaching an audience that size.

Not to brag or anything, I have sold product in all 50 US states and I think I’m up to eight of the Canadian provinces. It really can be done.

Your Next Step

If you have made it this far then you are probably one of the following three people.

Person A – You agree with everything I’ve said, you want to do what I have done, and you’re ready to get started. Great! Sign up here and let’s get busy.

Person B – This all sounds great, you would like to do this, but you aren’t sure about the whole internet thing. You have some doubts that you can do this. Sign up for my email series and I will show you exactly how I have built my Nikken business online.

To sign up for this email series, enter your first name and email address in the blue form with blue arrow and blue button on the right. Scroll up a little bit and you will see it. Click that blue button and those emails will automatically start coming to you. I will probably then email you myself and show you how to get to the whole series without having to wait for each one separately.

Person C – Again, this all sounds good, but are the products really all that I say they are? Check out my product website and see what kinds of products Nikken has to offer. Also check out my product blog. That will give you a chance to see what Nikken has to offer. Order an item or two to use and see for yourself. The PowerPatches and PowerChip are great magnetic items to start with if you have never used magnets before and need some belief there.

Once you believe in the product then come back here and see if you are now Person A or Person B.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end here. I’m excited to work with you, so take a moment to decide if you are Person A, B or C and take action. They only way anything will ever happen is when you make a decision an take action.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. If you would like to read more about my take on network marketing and Nikken then check out my blog posts on this site.

2 Responses to Nikken Business Opportunity

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Wayne, this is a really great post. I especially like reason no: 1 for both!

    Time with the family is my ultimate aim, to be able to be at home with my kids in the short time I have left with them being at home is my aim. Main aim no 2 is no boss, to be able to work late or early whenI want to around my families schedule, not somebody else’s!

    I have chosen my company, and I will be with them long term regardless, it is teh only way!

    Alan recently posted..Who You Are and Why Anybody Should Care?My Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Alan. It is a great thing to know that you are with the right company for you, so I think we are both very fortunate. Good luck with your Numis business.

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