How to Be a Great Dad (or Mom)

Being able to work from home gives you the opportunity to really connect with your kids and be a great dad.I knew when I got married 13 years ago (13 years ago next month actually) that I wanted to be a dad. Not just a dad, a Great Dad. So, what does it mean to be a Great Dad?

The best memory I have of my Dad when I was young was the one time that he chaperoned a field trip that my class went on one year in school. I don’t remember what year it was but I know it was either elementary or middle school. On that field trip my class visited the local newspaper and saw how newspapers were printed. We visited the local PBS television station and saw all of that worked. Finally, we visited one of the local radio stations.

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Network Marketing as an Online Business

Online Network MarketingI’ve read a lot of blog posts and comments on posts recently where people put down network marketing as a good home-based business or online business opportunity. They have modern network marketing all wrong.

They talk about desperate marketers who tell everyone about their business, whether their target is looking for a business or not. Most recently I read a comment that said it was not as good as other home-based businesses because of all the meetings that you have to attend.

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How to Earn an Income from Home and NOT Be Tied Down

The goal isn't more money. The goal is living life on your own term. - Chris BroganHave you ever wanted to go on vacation, chaperone your kid’s field trip at school, or take advantage of another opportunity but couldn’t because you had to go to work? Or maybe you own a business where you have to be there everyday to mind the store, ship product, or whatever it is that you do.

I remember when that was me. Before I got married I would put in a lot of hours at work, collect my overtime pay, and save up my money. I was never a very outgoing person, so that was fine for me back then. When I got married and had kids though, that changed. I wanted to be able to do things with my family.

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Need Support to Make Money Online

Starting an online business is difficult without people to help you along the way.Do you want to be able to make money online? Do you read about it all the time, maybe try some of the different ways, but nothing seems to work?

I read a log of blogs about building an online home-based business. Who doesn’t want to be able to work from home in a business of their own where they are their own boss and call all the shots?

Most of the bloggers that I read either promote creating your own digital product or affiliate marketing. I even read a post today about plr marketing. What are they?

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How to Effectively Handle Daylight Saving Time

How to free yourself from Daylight Saving TimeDaylight Saving Time started here in the United States yesterday. It also started today in a few other countries on our side of the Atlantic Ocean, like Canada, and starts in many of the European countries in a couple weeks.

Do you find the time change to be highly disruptive to your life? Changing all of the clocks in the easy part. Dealing with your lack of sleep, and that of everyone else around you is the biggest challenge. It takes at least a few days to adjust to the hour change.

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How To Build an Online Presence

Online Network MarketingAbout a month ago I wrote a post on this blog that a friend of mine shared to his audience on Facebook. I received a lot of online traffic from him sharing it, and I received some attention from the network marketing company that I work with as well. Specifically, I received an interview request for a series that they are doing on successful distributors. I was initially asked to prepare three talking points around creating an online presence. They decided to go in a different direction with the interview, but I prepared outline more with my blog in mind anyway, so here we go… How to Build on Online Presence.

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How to Retail Products in Nikken

Networking is the best way to retail product, either offline or online.This applies to any network marketing business. I happen to be in Nikken, so that’s the one I talk about. Feel free to substitute your company or business anywhere that I mention mine.

I’ve been saying it forever, the best way to make money in Nikken is to sell the product at retail to customers. Now that Nikken is telling the distributors the same thing, and has made a few changes to the compensation plan to further emphasize it, people want to know how to retail the products to customers. One of my distributor friends has done a lot of conference calls in the past few months and he says people are always asking him how to retail products.

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What’s All the Talk About in Nikken?

What's All the Talk About in Nikken?There has been a lot of talk in Nikken in the past year, and especially in the past few months, about the shift in focus from recruiting new distributors to selling the products to retail customers. Is it really that big of a deal? I’ll let you decide.

I talked about the changes in a post that I published two weeks ago and, thanks to the distributor friend I mention in that post, Gary, I have been getting some notice from our common upline and from some people at Nikken corporate as well. You can read that post about the change in focus here. I’m still waiting to see what comes from all of that attention and it should be an interesting story.

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Moving Forward With the Changes at Nikken

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. - George Bernard ShawBig changes at the top of an organization always cause ripples down through the ranks. Nikken made big changes that began to take effect in November with lower prices and a shift in focus toward sales to retail customers.

What Has Changed

Some of the top-ranked big name Royal Diamonds, including two in my own upline, decided to leave, which causes more ripples down through the ranks. It’s really not a huge surprise. They are career network marketers who have always focused on building a huge team. If you read my previous post you know that Nikken took some of the money incentive out of team building by lowering the commission value on most of the products to encourage distributors to put more focus on building a retail customer base.

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