What If Everyone Was in Network Marketing?

Do you think there is too much network marketing competition? What if everyone was in network marketing?I was thinking recently, what if everyone was in network marketing? Would that kill the industry? Everyone is running around selling their stuff and looking for people to recruit. Would you be able to find anyone to buy your product or join your team? Is there such a thing as too many network marketing companies and much network marketing competition?

Too Much Network Marketing Competition?

Do I think there is too much network marketing competition? Absolutely not.
If everyone was a network marketer I think it would look a lot like a modern version of past generations.  When I was young we had a milkman, someone who ran a local dairy and delivered milk to our door every week. Their dairy was also the best place in town to get ice cream.
You knew your car mechanic and your furnace repairman. Your milk, eggs, poultry and produce came from family farms.
That’s kind of how I see network marketing could go.
There are network marketing companies for many of the products and services that we use. Instead of dealing with a faceless corporation for many of these things, network marketing gives us a real person to connect with. A real, live person.
In the past, like in the case of our milkman, the person we dealt with was someone from our own town or community. They could be your neighbor. Now that person might live across the country, or even in a different country. Even though they live farther away, we can still connect with them – Skype, email, Facebook Twitter, you name it. It’s like old-times but with more options.
The point is that you communicate with a real person again, like our grandparents did.

Is Network Marketing Competition Even Real?

I don’t see any network marketing competition. People who do see it, I believe, are too focused on recruiting. Contrary to what many network marketers teach, you don’t have to recruit everybody you meet onto your team. You really don’t even want to.
When you meet another network marketer, instead of talking them out their company and into yours, the conversation should be more about how you can work together across companies. Does she offer a product that you need? Certainly, as a network marketer, you want to support someone else in the industry, right? You already know that most products sold by network marketers are much superior to anything you’ll find at Walmart.
She might become your customer too. You’ll never know if you just dismiss each other and never start the conversation.

Networking On Another Level

Like I said, you don’t have to recruit everyone onto your team. You can also network across companies and build a network for other products.
Have you ever been part of a leads group? I used to go to one years ago. Everyone introduces themselves and their business and describes their ideal lead. Then as you talk to people throughout the week you keep an ear open for potential leads for your new friends, and they do the same for you.
I got a great deal on car insurance that way once. It’s completely cooperative.
You can build a network of network marketers who cover a variety of needs. Everyone wins.

You Vote With Your Money

I saw a video on Facebook recently. In the video, Woody Harrelson, as others have before him, reminded us that we vote for products by purchasing them. If you don’t want GMO’s then don’t buy them. If you want organic then buy organic. You choose what you buy.
Every now and then a company will do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, so you can try to appeal to them that way if you want to. If you really want to get their attention and get them to change though, you have to speak their language – revenue.
If people stop buying Company A’s product X because it contains suspected cancer-causing ingredients then they will either fix the product or the product will fail, and maybe the company along with it. We as buyers have that power. Company’s will not make a product that we won’t buy. It’s too expensive.

Switch to Network Marketing

Have you seen the infographic that Oxfam International created that shows there are only 10 companies that own most of the other food companies? I’ll insert it here if I can find it again.
Only 10 companies own most of the companies that make the food you eat.
It’ll take a lot of people to stop buying their products to get their attention. You do still have that power though.
Network marketing companies are typically a lot smaller, so as a customer or distributor you have a bigger voice with them. If you like the product, vote for it by buying it. They will keep making it. If you don’t like the product, stop buying.
Buying from network marketing companies insures that they survive, continue to make the products you like, and develop more products. More people buying means that, like those big companies, they can eventually bring their prices down too.
Products from network marketing companies will probably always be more expensive because better products require better ingredients. That is why you buy from them, right? Better ingredients do cost more, at least for now.

Is There Too Much Network Marketing Competition?

Yes and no. It depends on how you look at it.
If you think of only recruiting, then yes, there is a lot of competition. When you goal is always on recruiting, you will always be in a space of competition, which always focuses on lack.
Instead, if you look at it from the bigger picture of what network marketing can be, then there is no competition. There isn’t any competition because you are working in a creative space where there is only opportunity.
In case you haven’t noticed, I take a little different view of network marketing. You can learn more about my take on network marketing on my About page. You can also opt-in on that page to receive a report about how to get started in network marketing the right way.
Thank you for reading this. What do you think of network marketing competition. Share your thoughts in a comment below and please share with your followers on social media.

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