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How to Retail Products in Nikken

This applies to any network marketing business. I happen to be in Nikken, so that’s the one I talk about. Feel free to substitute your company or business anywhere that I mention mine. I’ve been saying it forever, the best way … Continue reading

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Nikken Has Changed Their Business Focus

One of the biggest objections that people have to network marketing is that they ignorantly believe that it is a pyramid scheme. I believe that should never be a concern with Nikken because all of the income earned by distributors comes from … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing While Moving

One of the things I love about building my Nikken business online is that it makes money whether I’m actively working on it or not. This past week I have been moving and emptying out a storage unit. A lot … Continue reading

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How I'm Building My Nikken Business Online Today – Blogging

I have written often about how I am using a blog, a few actually, to build my Nikken business online. My opt-in email series explains the nuts and bolts of how I have put my blog together and linked it … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Chances of Success in Network Marketing

Most people who start a business in network marketing quit very soon after signing up. I believe I know part of the reason why, and it has to do with how we are trained to do our business. What is … Continue reading

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