How to Improve Your Chances of Success in Network Marketing

Most people who start a business in network marketing quit very soon after signing up. I believe I know part of the reason why, and it has to do with how we are trained to do our business.
What is the first thing that you are told to do after starting a new network marketing business? Create a list of 100 people that you know, mostly friends and family. And most of those people will tell you that you are crazy for getting involved in network marketing. That is the last thing that most of us need to hear when we are getting started in something new.
When doing something for the first time we don’t have a lot of confidence in ourselves or a lot of belief in what we are doing. Friends and family are ready to tell us when we are being taken advantage of or are doing something that isn’t going to work. That’s what we look to friends and family for. In this case though, we want to be successful at this and we need people who are going to build our confidence and belief, not shoot it down.
So, don’t talk to your friends about your new network marketing business unless you know that they are going to be supportive and encouraging.
Instead, go look for real customers and prospects for your network marketing business, people who can really use your product or need and are open to your business opportunity. There are many places that you can find these people. If you are building your business face-to-face then you can go to networking events and career fairs. In the online world you can use a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other websites. I build my network marketing business online using this blog and another website for product sales. If you are open to making some extra money online then I invite you to check out other posts here then go to my Business Opportunity page and leave me your first name and email address so that we can talk.
Wayne Woodworth

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