Internet Marketing While Moving

Nikken Business OnlineOne of the things I love about building my Nikken business online is that it makes money whether I’m actively working on it or not. This past week I have been moving and emptying out a storage unit. A lot of the time that I would normally be working has been taken up with this activity. Through it all my website has still been out there making it possible for people to find and order the Nikken products so that they can still gain the benefits from them and I can continue to earn an income.

Of course, the sales that I make while I’m doing other things, like moving, all ties back to the time that I do spend working on my Nikken business updating the pages on my website, writing posts like this one, and connecting with people on Facebook and Twitter. All of the content I create lives permanently on the internet and works like an online sales team educating my potential customers and generating orders whether I’m here at the time or not.

Internet Marketing

This is what internet marketing is all about, building a presence online to share general information on wellness, information about products that I use, and generate an income any time of the day or night. I do this with a website, similar to this one, built with WordPress to post my content and direct traffic to the Nikken shopping cart where my customers place their orders. I use Facebook and Twitter to promote my website and get free traffic from Google Search. Other than paying for hosting, my online activities are all free. My Nikken product website is here.
Internet MarketingIt works out well. I work when I have the time (and it does take work and time) and my “online sales team,” the many pages and posts that I have written,  is available when my customers and readers need them. When a customer actually needs to contact me directly, which isn’t really all that often, a quick email or sometimes a phone call is all that is needed.
Of course, Nikken is a network marketing company and there is a recruiting and team building side to the business as well as the product sales side.  That’s what this particular website is about. I spend more of my time on the product side because that’s where the immediate income is. In Nikken we don’t make any money directly from recruiting people into the business. The value in team-building comes from having more people to share ideas with and more people sharing the products either person-to-person or online like I do. All of the money with Nikken comes from moving product.

Affiliate Marketing

The way I have built my Nikken business online is more like affiliate marketing than network marketing. I don’t do any hotel or in-home meetings. No Tupperware parties. I just promote the products and the business opportunity online like I just described. The advantage to Nikken over any other affiliate opportunity that I have seen is that I can sign up an unlimited number of affiliates under me and earn income from their sales too. My income can come from several levels of affiliates under me, not just the first level.
I believe that just about anyone can do this. I’ll help you get your website started. It’s easy, the software does most of the work. All you really need is to care about people and their health and wellness and to be able to put your thoughts into words. If that sounds interesting to you then let’s talk. My contact info is at the top of this page. You can read more about working with me here.


As with any business, there is no guarantee that you will make any money at all by joining Nikken and promoting their products. All of the money comes from selling the products.

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