Nikken's Compensation Plan for People Who Know Binary Plans

Network Marketing Compensation PlanFor people who are familiar with other common network marketing compensation plans, Nikken’s compensation plan may be a little confusing. Officially, Nikken’s compensation plan is a stair-step breakaway plan, which means that you move up through a series of ranks and eventually “break away” from your sponsor. You don’t actually break away because your upline still gets a percentage based on your team’s activity.
If you are familiar with a binary compensation plan then you have two legs and you get paid on the activity of the weaker leg. As you introduce new people to your business you have to figure out where to place them in your team structure, which can be difficult to do because you really don’t know if or how well they will perform and you want to keep your legs somewhat balanced to maximize your earning potential.
Nikken’s compensation plan is easier. First, you are not limited to only two legs and each new person that you introduce to the business becomes a new leg. Those people then fill in their own team structure with training and assistance from you. You don’t place people below your front line. You also get paid on all of your legs, not just one of them. Instead of having two legs and getting paid on one, you could have 20 legs and get paid on all of them. There is no need for balancing legs to maximize your income. You just encourage each of your people to go all out. It also discourages people from joining your team and becoming dead-weight while they wait for you to fill in their team for them.
With the stair-step part of the compensation plan, as you move up through the ranks by meeting certain criteria, you get paid based on larger percentages of each leg’s activity. As your teammates move up in rank they increase the percentage they keep and yours goes down, so you want to always stay at least one step ahead of them.
When your teammates reach the breakaway point then you earn a fixed 6% of their team’s activity and the depth is determined by your rank. I know that 6% doesn’t sound like much but if they have reached the breakaway rank of Silver then that is 6% of a lot of volume, so it really is a good thing.
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