Nikken Listens to the Distributors

Nikken is launching new packs on May 20 and I like some of the consideration they have done.
First, this new pack strategy has come about from Nikken working with the distributors in the field to figure out what we need long term. This is the opposite to what most people experience with a company where corporate execs make decisions based on reports and other ideas that having no bearing on what really works. I have been an independent distributor with Nikken for five years now and I am very impressed with how often they ask for information from the distributors.
The old pack strategy that has already expired was 3 packs. Pack A had some products in it for a discounted price. Pack B had everything from Pack A with some additional items, again for a discounted price. Pack C had everything from Pack B plus still more additional items.
There were two problems that people had with the old pack strategy. The packs contained promotional materials, like catalogs and brochures, that some people didn’t necessarily want, especially customers who were otherwise willing to sign up to get the discounts. The other issue was that if you wanted to get the additional items of Pack B or Pack C you had to get everything that was in Pack A.
The new Nikken product pack strategy involves 5 packs, this time without any overlap between them. One pack has day-time products, another has night-time products (the sleep system), and the third pack has the environmental products. So now, if you want to get a pack discount on the air and water products then you can order the environmental pack and not have to get a bunch of other items to get there.
The marketing items have all been separated out into a 4th pack so that if a customer wants to get a pack, or someone like me who is building their business online and doesn’t need print materials, they can order without paying for a bunch of marketing material they don’t need.
The final pack they are calling an “on-the-go” pack which is essentially the previous demo pack which contains items that are great for taking with you on a trip and all fit into a carrying bag.
The only catch in all of this is that in order to get the discount on the night-time pack you have to first buy the day-time pack. In other words, the day-time pack has a 40% off coupon for your night-time pack (the sleep system). The other three packs are completely stand-alone.
The strategy that they are going to lay out when they launch the new packs in a couple weeks is to encourage new distributors to buy the day-time pack right away then save up the money to buy the night-time pack by the end of their first 30 days. The discounts all expire after 30 days.
I don’t personally buy into all these strategies to part you from your money. I do like the new packs in that they give a new distributor a way to get significant discounts on any products that they want to purchase up front. Significant discounts as in 30% to 40% of the full retail price. Ok, that is a little misleading too. As a distributor you already get a 20% discount off the retail price anyway, but the bigger discount does equal greater savings for products if you already want to buy them, and it gives you product to experience and share with other people to help build their interest.
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Wayne Woodworth

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