Additional Freedoms from Network Marketing

freedom to relaxWe’ve all heard the network marketing pitch about time freedom and money freedom. I want to give you another perspective on the freedom that network marketing can give. This may be a little controversial, so please have an open mind.
I have two young kids and I have been reading a lot lately about vaccinations. I’m not interested here in the politics and I’m not going to go off on whether you should or shouldn’t vaccinate. What I care about here is the freedom to make an informed decision and how the freedoms offered by a network marketing business can help.

I read this article on Dr. Mercola‘s website today about the right to make an informed decision on vaccinations. Again, I’m not going into the politics. At one point in the article it says that you can be barred from getting an education (that would be a public education for your kids) or from getting a job.
I work at home “full” time on my network marketing business, so I don’t need a job, and network marketing gives me the time freedom to home school my kids, so I don’t have to submit a shot record. Down the road I will have the money freedom to either buy the additional equipment I need to properly home school my kids through high school or to afford a private school that doesn’t require a shot record.
I put “full” in quotes when talking about work from home “full” time because I don’t put in a regular 8 hours a day Monday through Friday like a “real job”. I put in a few hours here and a few hours there and I do that all week long. For example, today is Sunday and I have some time to work on this article while my wife and kids are doing their own things. If home schooling takes us out of the house tomorrow then I may not work at all, or in the evening after dinner. Network marketing can give you that flexibility.
This takes some time to set up. I’m not going to tell you that you can quit your job on Monday, join my team, and immediately make $5,000 or more a month in network marketing. While it is possible, unless you know a lot of people who are already open to joining you, it probably isn’t going to happen. It takes time to build anything worthwhile (so don’t wait).
Further, if the state that you live in becomes too restrictive for you lifestyle, a network marketing business gives you the flexibility to pick up and move. You aren’t tied to one location like you are with a “read job”.
I strongly recommend that you do the due diligence before you take part in any business opportunity. My email address and phone number are next to my picture at the top of this page. Call or email me and let’s talk to see if what I am doing is right for you. If you would like to see how I am building my network marketing business online, you can find out more here.
Wayne Woodworth

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