The Right Way to Build a Nikken Business

I don’t think that most Nikken distributors understand how to build a Nikken business that takes full advantage of Nikken’s compensation plan.
Most of the Nikken business leaders that I hear from all talk about recruiting. While there isn’t anything wrong with recruiting, and it is required to reach the leadership ranks, you won’t make any money from it when starting out. A new person at the starting level can not make any money from building a team. The Nikken compensation plan for a new person only includes retail profit.

Only after moving up at least one rank can you begin to make even the smallest amount of income from having teammates. And even then, you will make a lot more money from retail sales than from your team’s volume. In Nikken, retail profit is always 20% of the retail price or 25% of the wholesale price (20% of $25 retail equals 25% of $20 wholesale which is $5). As I already said, retail profit is all you get when you start out as a Direct. Once you move up to Senior, you only get 5% of the commission volume from everyone on your team who is a Direct. Commission volume is typically 80% of the wholesale price, so which would you prefer, retail profit (20% of $25 is $5) or 5% of commission (5% of 80% of $20 is 5% of $16 which is 80 cents).
You can see a complete explanation of the Nikken Compensation Plan here.
So when you start your Nikken business it is best to partner with someone who knows how to retail the products to customers.
I sell the Nikken products online because it allows me to reach the largest potential audience. Contrary to what you may think, this is actually very easy to do. It just takes some time to get it all set up and I believe that I can teach just about anyone to do this. The only requirement is that you be willing to put in the time. Best of all, it works. One week ago today at Nikken’s 2011 North American Convention they named me as one of the Top 5 Retailers for the year. I thought that was pretty cool and I know one of the other Top 5 also retails the product online. I was told that the rest are doctors who retail the products to their patients.
Recruiting does become important in building a Nikken business at the higher ranks and is required to advance to Silver and beyond. For the first 3 rank advancements (Senior, Executive, Bronze) it is all about volume, and the only way to get volume is for someone to sell product.
To learn how I retail the Nikken products online, enter your first name and email address in the form below. I will send you all the details in an email series that I am currently writing. To get my help and feedback in actually doing it, find out more about working with me and consider joining my team.
Wayne Woodworth

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