Build Your Nikken Business Big, or Build it Small – You Choose

Build Your Nikken Business Big or SmallIf you have been looking at network marketing business opportunities very long then you have seen all of the claims of people making 6- or 7-figure incomes and that you need to start right away so that you can do the same.
One of the things that I like about the Nikken business opportunity is that you don’t have to want to make a 6-figure income or more. Build it big, or build it small. It’s your choice. Two people have recently joined my team and they represent opposite ends of the spectrum.

Susan joined my team at the end of December and she intends to make a significant income to replace her current income. She has experience in marketing herself and in building teams in other network marketing companies. She is a go-getter type of person and I am excited about helping her achieve the goals she has for her Nikken business.
Susan decided to check out Nikken because she has a son with autism and has heard stories from people who have seen benefits from some of the Nikken products with autistic kids. She is trying the magnetic sleep system and a few other products out for herself and she will be ready to run with the business once she sees some benefit.
At the other end of the spectrum is my Mom. She retired last summer and only wants to make a couple hundred dollars extra every month to supplement her Social Security income. She joined my team last week to start doing that with Nikken.
My parents have used some of the products the last few years and has enjoyed their benefits. Probably the most significant for them is with the Aqua Pour. They camp a lot in their fifth-wheel RV and find the water rather questionable at many campgrounds. They like the Aqua Pour because it is portable enough to use both at home and when they leave for a weekend of camping. The Aqua Pour has now been replaced with the PiMag Waterfall, but the benefits are the same.
My Mom is also a quilter, which involves standing for long periods of time at her long-arm quilting machine. She wears her Magsteps magnetic insoles while quilting and finds that they help her feet to stay comfortable longer while standing.
So, whether you want to replace your income or only supplement it a little, the Nikken business opportunity can help. Let’s talk and see what you want to create.
Wayne Woodworth

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