You've Joined Nikken. What Now?

You’ve joined Nikken and you’re ready to get started changing lives and making money. So how do you get started?
If we follow the traditional approach to network marketing, you will need to make a list of 100 people you would most like to work with. In about a month this list will become the list of 100 people who will never again answer the phone when you call. Would it be OK with you if we skip the traditional approach?
If you know someone who is interested in network marketing, maybe has some experience with the industry, and would be open to hearing about a new opportunity, then of course you can share this with them.
Actually, getting new people to join your team is not a profitable goal when you first start out with Nikken.

You want to sell the product at retail first. I explain why retail sales are so important when starting your Nikken business here.
The best thing to do first after you are signed up is to call or email your sponsor if you haven’t already talked to them. Let them know you exist and tell them a little bit about yourself, what your short-term and long-term goals are for your new business, and what you already know about Nikken and the products. You should eventually get an email or a call from them once Nikken’s autoresponder email system notifies them that you are in. I don’t know how long that takes, so be proactive.
Now that you have made contact with your sponsor, the next thing to do is start getting familiar with the product. As I said in that retail sales article, retail is the only way that you can make money until you make your first rank advancement. The magnets are the best products to start with and I will highlight some in my next article.
For now, log into your Nikken back office with your distributor ID and password. You should have all of that information from Nikken. If not, ask your sponsor and they can help you out. Once there, go to the Ordering menu and select Shop Now. If you are not yet signed up, you can see the same pages on my website here then click on Shop Now at the top of the page.
The products categories are all listed down the left-hand side of the page. You can click the plus sign to expand the category out to include the products or click on the category name and all of the products will be listed on the main part of the page. Click on a product (picture or product name) and you will see the product description. If there are additional documents, like a manual, they will be listed below the description.
Next time I will go more into how to select some products to get started with.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. If you are not signed up yet, go ahead and join my team now.
Disclaimer: Nikken is a network marketing business and I make no claims as to how much money you can make. I am also a distributor, so if you purchase something through a link on this website then I may earn a commission from the purchase. Nikken distributors do not earn any commission from people joining Nikken.

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