The Best Nikken Products to Share

One common question for people just getting started with Nikken is what product to start with, both for personal use and to tell other people about. While Nikken does have water filters, air filters, and nutritional supplements, it is their magnetic products that set them apart from the crowd.
Most people don’t have any experience with using magnets to deal with discomfort, so your first order of business is to get them to believe enough in magnets to be willing to invest in them.
I like to start people with the Kenko PowerChip magnets. They are small, easy to use, inexpensive, and people have a good experience with them. I almost always get a good response with the PowerChips. They are large enough that you can place them over top of the area that hurts and tape it in place with some inexpensive first aid tape.

Once your customer believes in Nikken’s magnets they are more likely to be open to spending more for a PowerBand bracelet, necklace, and pair of Magsteps or mStrides.

The Nikken Vital Day Pack and Sleep Pack

NOTE: The Vital Day Pack has been discontinued. The individual products are all still available, but the packs and associated promotions are no longer available.
The only time I don’t start someone small is when they are looking at the magnetic sleep system. Going bigger will actually save them money. If a customer wants to buy a queen sleep pack with the light comforter they will pay $2140. If they buy the Vital Day Pack first they will get a 40% off coupon for the sleep pack and pay $1883 for both packs combined.
That’s right. They get a lot more product and they pay less for it.
The coupon is only good for 30 days from the day you sign up as either a distributor or a customer, so it is a very limited-time deal. If you are still in your first 30 days then I strongly encourage that you take a look at this if you have the money available. One thing I need to stress about this. If the $1883 (actually $1783 for a distributor) plus tax and shipping will put you into debt or cause stress, then don’t do it. You can get essentially the same deal later by selling a Vital Day Pack to a customer.
To summarize, I think it is best to lead off with the PowerChip magnets when talking with new customers, then follow that up with the PowerBands, and the magnetic insoles. If they are interested in improving their sleep, then they need to know about the Vital Day Pack.
PS. If you are not a Nikken distributor yet then let’s talk and see if this might be right for you. Leave me a comment below or call me. My phone number is at the top of this page. Or if you are an action person, then go ahead and sign up.
Disclaimer: I make no claims or guarantees that you will make any money with Nikken. It is a network marketing business opportunity and the amount of money you made depends on the amount of product you sell. Nikken’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition.

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