Your Success is Between Your Ears

Another distributor with Nikken called me yesterday to ask about how I’m building my Nikken business online. That’s great. I like to share what I’m doing. If you want to know how I’m building, then please enter your first name and email address in the blue opt-in form to the right (that’s the blue one. If you’re serious, go ahead and add your email to the red one too.).
The issue that this distributor has is that only a handful of the people on his team are making him the majority of his income and he wants to expand that out. He thought that maybe getting into some internet marketing might help.
It won’t.

OK. That’s not exactly right. It won’t help him because he doesn’t want to do that much work. He’s far enough along that he isn’t interested in learning something new. He was successful enough at the face-to-face network marketing, and that is what he needs to start doing again. Internet marketing for him is a case of “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.”
No, his real challenge is in his own mind. About five minutes into the conversation I heard him say that Nikken was in decline. He wasn’t the first distributor to tell me that. If that’s what he really believes then he needs to either retire or move on to another network marketing opportunity. There aren’t any new tricks that will help him do better if he believes the business is done.
Usually, the only people who give me that line are people who are trying to lure me away from Nikken and into their network marketing opportunity.
Better yet, he could change his belief. He pointed out that Apple isn’t in decline. If one company can excel in this market, then any company can. It’s up to the distributors.
I’m not leaving Nikken. There’s just too much potential for growth here to go anywhere else. Yes, there is still huge potential for growth even though the company has been around for more than 35 years.
Actually, their age is one of the things that has me excited. Nikken has been around for more than 35 years. They are an established company, proven product line, proven compensation plan that pays well, many of the distributors have been in for more than 20 years, no debt, 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating, and so on.
Many companies in the wellness market focus on one product or a handful of related products. They depend on that one group of people who will jump from one magic juice to another. That’s too limited.
Nikken has a broad array of products. Need help with sleep? Done. Want cleaner water? Got it. Want cleaner air. Covered. Better nutrition? Yes. The biggest one – do you hurt? Nikken can help with that.
The problem isn’t that they are past their peak. Nikken’s problem is that there aren’t enough distributors to spread the message far and wide. It’s a 37 year old ground floor opportunity. The last I heard, less than 1% of the US has heard of Nikken. As distributors we have our work cut out for us. We have a lot of people to help.
Are you with me? Join my team now and let’s get to work.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. If you need more information then that’s cool too. Call me or email me using my contact info at the top of this page, leave me a comment below, opt-in with the forms to the right. They all come to me and we’ll talk.

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