Is Nikken a Declining or a Growing Company?

I think Nikken is a growing company. They are developing new technologies, improving old technologies and launching new products. That’s what a growing research and development company does.
They are in a huge growth mode right now

With all of this going on, why do some people say that Nikken is declining? Because sales are down. The thing is, Nikken doesn’t sell their product. They are a network marketing company with independent distributors who sell the product and bring in new distributors.

What’s really declining is some distributors’ businesses. Others are growing. Mine is growing. Those of us who are doing the work every day to grow our businesses are making it happen.
You can blame it on the economy if you like. That’s a good excuse, right?
No it isn’t.
If that was a good excuse then all companies would be declining in a poor economy. I was told that Apple is doing very well. They launch a new product and still have people lining up outside the door to buy it. And they don’t exactly sell products that you “need”. They create a big “want” and their customers respond.
The last company I worked for (Automation Direct) before quitting to build my Nikken business full time is similar. They saw a poor economy coming so they added more products and gave their customers more reasons to do business with them. The last I heard, they are hiring for several positions. I could probably even get my old job back if I didn’t enjoy doing this so much more.
A poor economy isn’t a good excuse. If one company can succeed in times like this then any company can. I gave you two examples, three if you count my Nikken business.
Apple sells products by convincing you that they will make your life easier. Nikken sells products that will significantly improve your quality of life. This should be easy right?
The challenge for us is that less than 1% of the US has even heard of Nikken. That’s also our opportunity. Nikken has great products that fill a real need and we have a huge untapped market. I think we can do this. I know I can. Are you with me?
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