You Have to Own the Product to Sell the Product

I believe that to be successful in any business – Nikken, network marketing in general, or any other business, you have to own and use the product.


How can you expect someone else to buy the Nikken product if you won’t buy it yourself?
You’ve probably probably heard this analogy. You go to a car dealership looking for a new car. Let’s say a Toyota because I used to drive a Prius back when I had to work at a job. You talk to the salesman, he recommends a Camry, then you find out that he drives a Ford. He’s just lost all credibility with you. He has no passion for what he’s selling. He’s just there to collect a paycheck, which is fine but it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in his recommendation.
If you are going to be a Nikken distributor you will be asked if you have ever used the product. If you say no, chances are you will have lost the sale.

Product Knowledge

The best way to learn about the Nikken products is to use the products yourself. Get first-hand experience.
You are going to get questions from potential customers who don’t know a lot about the products, especially the magnets. They will want to know what they “do” and if they will help with “this” or “that”. If you answer “I don’t know” to every question they have, then you’ve lost another sale.
Use the product. It’s the best way to learn.

You Don’t Have to Know Everything

I’m not saying that you need to run out and buy everything as soon as you start your business. There are too many products for that. If you have the money then Nikken has some great prices on some packs that will help you get started with the product, boost your volume toward your first rank advancement (more income), and save you a good bit of money.
If you don’t have a lot of money, then at least one item so that you can begin learning about them. I recommend the magnets, like the Magsteps or a PowerBand bracelet. If you are more interested in the water then get the PiMag sport water bottle. I have a whole post on what I think are the best products to share with potential customers. These are also the best products to start with.
Getting just one item from a product line will give you enough experience to be able to talk intelligently about the entire product line. The sport bottle is enough for you to sell the Waterfall. The Magsteps are enough for you to sell the sleep pack.
If you can answer even one of your customer’s questions then you will have enough credibility for them to hold on while you 3-way me into the conversation to help you close the sale.
Integrity and product knowledge are the two most important things that your customers are looking for in a distributor. Buy the products, use the products, then sell the products (new ones, not the ones you actually used yourself  😉  ).
Wayne Woodworth
PS. I do use them myself and I am writing a series of posts about the Nikken products that I use here.
PPS. If you are ready to turn your integrity and (future) knowledge into money, join my team.

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