Why Right Now Is The Best Time to Start A Nikken Business

Now is absolutely the best time to start your Nikken business.
I don’t need to tell you all of the reasons why you should consider starting a business in network marketing and with Nikken. You’ve already heard all of the promises of time and money freedom. You know that network marketing makes you your own boss and president of your own company. If you didn’t then you probably wouldn’t be here now.
So, why is right now the best time to start your Nikken business?
Back in Spring 2011, the top level distributors (the Royal Diamonds) proposed a new pack strategy to Nikken corporate. It was accepted and put into play as fast as they could make it happen. Now we have the Vital Packs – Vital Day, Vital Environment, and Vital On-The-Go. They put together a good mix of products at a very nice discount so that both customers and new distributors can benefit.
It was then proposed that Nikken increase the personal volume (PV) of these three packs to equal the retail value of the items in the pack. Nikken accepted that proposal too on a trial basis through the end of September 2011.
It has apparently worked well because they extended the retail PV program for the Vital packs through the end of the year, and extended it again through 2012.
That’s great, but what does it mean for you starting your Nikken business right now?
PV is the number of points that we accrue as distributors to move up in rank and the value is usually equal to the wholesale price of the product, or 80% of the retail price. As I already said, the Vital Packs are priced at a discount, so the retail value of the individual items is even higher. With Nikken setting the PV for the Vital packs equal to the retail value we can move up in rank a whole lot faster by buying and selling the Vital packs.
As a distributor you only pay the wholesale price for the pack, then you get credited the retail PV toward your rank advancement. For example, the retail value for the Vital Day pack is $751, the retail price is $599, and the wholesale price is $499. As a distributor, you can order the Vital Day pack for $499 and receive 751 PV. You can also sell one to a customer for $599 earning you a $100 retail profit and another 751 PV. That brings your total PV to 1502. Your first rank advancement occurs at 15oo PV, so congratulations, you are now a Senior consultant.
If you only received the usual wholesale PV you would get 499 PV for each of those sales for a total of 998 PV. You would still need another 502 PV, so one more Vital Day pack still wouldn’t be enough. Nikken has made it very easy to advance in rank by promoting the Vital Packs.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. Each rank advancement means a pay increase, so you want to move up through the ranks as fast as you can.
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Wayne Woodworth

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