How to Make a Fortune With Network Marketing Online

Are you interested in making money online with network marketing?
If you said “No” then thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great day.
If you said “Yes” then let’s continue.
Here’s my simple formula.

  1. Retail your company’s product online for immediate profit
  2. Build a team and teach them how to retail online for profit

That’s really all there is to it.
I have been retailing my network marketing company’s products online for about three years and I bring in anywhere from $800 to $2,200 a month just from my own online efforts.
I know, $800 doesn’t sound like anything to brag about, and it isn’t. My point is that these are the amounts that I can make without any team. When you multiply that by the size of your team, $800 can become a very large number.
Say that you have learned how to make $800 and you have a team of nine people who you have taught how to make enough for you to receive $800 from their efforts. That’s $800 times 10 people (you plus your 9 teammates) for $8,000. When you can repeat that month after month, you are making $96,000 a year. Doesn’t look so bad anymore.
It gets better than that though. You aren’t going to stop at just 10 people on your team. You will add more people. Your teammates are going to build teams of their own. In network marketing you can earn income from your team several levels down. You will have pieces of your income coming from 10’s, 100’s, and eventually 1,000’s of other people who have joined your extended team.
What I will teach you as one of my new teammates is how to get online and build that retail profit, then how to build your own team and teach them the same thing.
Now, don’t start telling yourself that you don’t know how to create a webpage or do any of that other online stuff. It’s easy. I’ve taught teammates how to do it as well as my wife and my mother. It really is easy if you just follow the steps that I lay out.
Before you decide to join my team or make any other commitments, I would like to show you exactly how I am building my network marketing business online. All I need from you is your first name and your email address and I will send you a new piece every day or two of what I have done to get where I am in my business. Just fill out this small form to get started today.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. I am talking about money, so I have to throw in a disclaimer. These are my results and I cannot guarantee that you will get the same. I can guarantee that I will do my best to get you good information. The rest is up to you and how you use it.

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