Why Do You Do What You Do?

I “stumbled” upon this video through www.stumbleupon.com a couple days ago and I think I have watched it three times now. Simon Sinek presents why he thinks a handful of businesses, like Apple, are so successful while other equally capable businesses are not. It is only 18 minutes long, so go ahead and check it out now.

Did that get you thinking about why you do business? It definitely got me thinking. So, why do you do what you do?
Looking back, I originally got involved in massage therapy because I believed that there had to be a more meaningful and satisfying way to make money. At the time I was working as a software developer. In that field you work for one or two years on a project and chances are that the project will be canceled before it is completed. If it does run to completion, then the results of your labor will only be in place for three to five years at the most. I didn’t find it very satisfying to work that hard on something that was essentially throw-away with no lasting benefit.
I liked massage therapy. I found it much more satisfying because I could actually help people to feel better, if even for a little while. With some massage techniques you could even help bring significant, lasting changes to people. That is much better than working long hours on a project that would eventually be scrapped, either before or after it was completed.
Massage led me to network marketing and Nikken. This was just really cool. First about Nikken because the products were what I was interested in first. As a parent, I saw them as a way that I could raise my young kids without them having to learn about and rely on artificial chemicals.
From my perspective as a massage therapist, I saw Nikken’s products as a great way to expand the number of people I could help. Because massage therapy is a service, the number of people that I could help in a day was limited by the number of hours in a day. There are no such limitations with a product. Helping one person in a day is pretty darn cool. Having the ability to help hundreds or even thousands of people in a day is off-the-charts cool. That’s how I saw the products.
Then I looked into the business side of Nikken, into network marketing. It is really just another way to help people. Again, as a parent, I see it as a way to help my family. When I had a job I was away from home all day. I had a co-worker once who got onto me because I took time off to go with my wife to the doctor for each of her pre-natal visits when she was pregnant with our daughter. He told me that he worked 12 hour days and raised two daughters. No, he didn’t. His wife did. His daughters only saw him on the weekend and maybe for a couple hours in the evening. You can’t raise anyone if you aren’t there to do it. Thanks to network marketing, I am home to help raise my kids.
I’ll be honest, I don’t have the money freedom yet that they talk about to entice you into network marketing. I can tell you that I see it coming though. What I do have is the time freedom, and that is what is most important to me right now. I believe that we should all have the time freedom to be able to be there for our spouses and our kids. It’s even better when we can also be there for our friends and neighbors. I can make that happen for my family and friends thanks to network marketing.
Then there are the partners that I introduce to network marketing. These will be people who feel the same way that I do, that their quality of life will be better without cubicles and time-clocks and they shouldn’t have to beg time off from a boss so that they can support their spouses and do things with their kids. They also feel that there are alternatives that support our health and well-being and they need to be shared.
If these are beliefs that you share then please enter your first name and email address below and let’s talk about how we can work together.
Wayne Woodworth

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