Jobs Do Not Come With Job Security

Last night I had a dream that reminded me about one of the reasons I got started in network marketing.
I dreamed that I was back in one of my old jobs. It was a great job while I had it. I liked the people I worked with and the people I worked for. I was a software developer with the company and they contracted us out as project teams to other companies that had large projects to accomplish. If we weren’t currently out on an assignment then we were “on the bench” and worked on training to improve and add new skills. Like I said, it was a great job. At some point the company decided it was less expensive to not maintain a bench, and that’s where my dream last night fits in.
I dreamed that I was coming off a large project with several of us there from our company. The good news was that there was already another project lined up for the team. The bad news was that they didn’t need as many people on the new project as there were on the completed project. I was one of the people who was not going to the new project, which means I was soon to be unemployed.
If I was someone who depended on a job for income then I probably would have been a little nervous, upset, or scared when I woke up after this dream. Fortunately, I am building my business in network marketing so that my future is no longer at the whim of project managers and the like. I have actually been without a “job” for a little over a year and a half now and I don’t think I could handle having to go back to answering to someone else and having to do things on someone else’s schedule.
If you have lived through something like my dream, which I have a few times, then you might want to at least take an honest look at network marketing. Even if you still like the idea of getting up every morning to go to work, a network marketing business can offer you a little extra security if things don’t always go your way at work.
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Wayne Woodworth

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