To Be Successful in Nikken You Must Engage With People

Engagement With PeopleI was watching Minute With Maxwell yesterday and the word of the day was “engagement”. The way John Maxwell views the word “engagement” is when two people come together for a common purpose. For an engagement to work, both people have to be looking to add value to the other. It needs to be win-win.
If the engagement is not win-win, it is one-sided, then the relationship will quickly fall apart.

The obvious relationship that people think of in terms of engagement is two people getting married. For a marriage to work both people need to be engaged and working together.
The same thing goes for any time two or more people are working together on something, and that applies to Nikken very well. Nikken is very much a team sport.
You need to engage with your customers, your downline teammates, and your upline to be successful in this business.
First about my upline. My sponsor joined Nikken a couple months before I did. My upline above him has been with Nikken more than 20 years. I have access to five people in my upline who are all Diamond or Royal Diamond and been active in Nikken for more than 20 years. I would be a fool to not get engage with them on some level.
I am building my Nikken business online, which is not the way that they have, so there are some limits to how we can work together. Still, in 20 years there is a lot of experience that they have that can benefit me, and by applying it I benefit them.
My downline teammates are the ones that I need to be most engaged with. These are the people who have joined me because I can help them build their Nikken businesses online. The more we work together to get their blogs set up and working, the better we both do. Every person I help further verifies that what I am doing works and can be duplicated.
You might not think of engaging with your customers, and most people working online choose to be online because they don’t want to engage with them. That is a sad mistake. By engaging with you customers, making sure that they have all of the information they need and checking back with them on a regular basis, helps to put them at ease and want to buy from you again.
Let’s face it. Nikken’s products last a long time. If you get a customer who buys a pair of magnetic insoles and you never follow up with them, you will never get another order from them. Their insoles are going to last five or ten years, maybe more. You have to talk to them, find out what their needs are, and see if there is anything else you can do to help them. They aren’t going to remember who they bought the insoles from in 5 or 10 years when they need a new pair.
Building a Nikken business is all about engagement.
How can I help you? Are you looking for products that can help you feel better without the side-effects? Are you looking for something that can generate some extra income? Leave me a comment below or email me at the address at the top of this page. I’m here to help you.
Wayne Woodworth

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