Benefits of Building a Nikken Business Online

Online Network MarketingOne of the benefits of having a network marketing business is time freedom. Honestly, I haven’t seen too many traditional network marketers actually have that. It’s always push, push, push to the next event.
Working my Nikken network marketing business online allows me some of that time freedom that offline people only get to dream about. Once written, my online content continues to work for me around the clock, which means I don’t have to. Having online content working for me allows me to step away from time to time when I have other things to do.


Mike is a guy in my downline who is doing the same thing I am doing, just not as actively as I am. He has a website that has been online for 2 years or so and he added a blog to it last summer. He blogged pretty heavily six months ago and updated several of his pages in the past couple months. He is currently having his biggest month in both volume and in the size of his commission check.
I think he could move up in rank and increase his commission check pretty quickly if he put more consistent effort into his blog and worked to build a small following on Twitter and Facebook. Even just once a week would give him some acceleration. Nikken isn’t his primary focus, but it is growing for him and he’s happy.


Gary is a friend that I made through Nikken. He called me up about a year and a half ago, introduced himself, and asked me if I would help him get his Nikken business online. He was the first person that I helped who actually did what I suggested to him. He worked on it for about six, blogging regularly, started to get some online sales coming in, then quit.
That was a little over a year ago. I’ve talked to him a few times in the past twelve months, most recently just last week, and every time we talk he tells me that his website continues to earn him a commission check from Nikken every month for a few hundred dollars.
If his website can earn him a few hundred dollars a month while sitting idle, imagine what it could have been if he kept writing, even just once a week.


I cannot guarantee that you can set up a website, leave it alone for a year, and have it make you money every month like Gary did. I can guarantee that if you decide to join my team that I will help you get started building your Nikken business online.
If that interests you, put your first name and email address in the form below to subscribe to my email series about how I’m building my business. I will also get back in touch with you to see how you would like to get started.
Wayne Woodworth

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