The Basics vs Gimmicks in Internet Network Marketing

There are a lot of gurus out there teaching the “latest” techniques or tricks for how to build a network marketing business on the internet. In my opinion, there are a few problems with these things.
One issue is with how these programs are launched. How successful do you think you think you can be if you are 1 of 5,000 people who all start marketing the exact same thing with Facebook pay-per-click ads at the same time. Probably not very. They all launch their programs as limited time offers to get a bunch of people to sign up in a short time, then teach them all to do the same thing. That greatly reduces the effectiveness of the technique for everyone because they have essentially created a flash-flood.
There is a bigger issue with these things too. You have learned this new trick to get traffic, but where are you going to send that traffic to? You signed up for someone’s course on how to create the perfect Google Adwords campaign, you’ve studied it hard, and now you’re ready to create your own ad. Where does your link point to?
Before you can worry about getting traffic you need to have a central hub, your website, to receive the traffic. You can have the best pay-per-click ad in the world and it still won’t do you any good if your website doesn’t work by itself. You will pay more for your Google ad if your website isn’t properly optimized for the same keywords that you select for the ad. The thing is, once your website properly supports those keywords then you probably don’t need to pay for an ad because your website will rank well in the organic results. And you don’t have to worry about a “Google Slap” or any such thing.
I’m not saying that pay-per-click (Google or Facebook), video marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, or anything else is bad. I believe they work very well, but only once you have your website in place to receive that additional traffic.
And that brings me to what I am teaching my network team how to do. That is, how to build your own blog website that will rank well enough on its own to attract traffic from the search engines. Once that is in place then you can look to other forms of traffic generation with the confidence of having someplace that works to receive that traffic.
I’m giving this information away for free to anyone who wants it and signs up. This isn’t some cheesy series of almost usable information building up to a product launch. There is not launch coming. The series itself is the information.
I will be honest. I am hoping to find a few people who want to do the work, are willing to follow through on these suggestions, and then decide to join my network marketing team for a higher level of support and coaching. Regardless of whether you join my team or not, I believe this series will give you enough information that you can duplicate what I have done in my business with any other network marketing company you decide to go with.
I invite you to enter your first name and email address below so that we can get started building your business online right now.
You can find out more about what I am offering in my previous post – How to Build a Network Marketing Business Online.
Thanks for your time and I wish you success.
Wayne Woodworth

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