How to Build a Network Marketing Business Online

I have decided to give away all of my secrets. Well, most of them anyway. I have started an email series where I lay out the details of how I have built my network marketing business online.
I have the first five parts written so far. In them I share my thoughts on online vs. offline marketing, where to do your business online, how to set up your website, and how to get it to rank on the search engines to get free traffic.
I’ll tell you right now that I don’t use any gimmicks, I don’t have a system or program to sell you, and I’m not a big fan of any of the big gurus (most of them are only about selling each other’s info products). I stick to the tried and true basics, so news about the search engines changing their algorithms doesn’t concern me and I don’t change anything that I do. Honest content will always rank high because that is what people want and therefore is what the search engines want to put at the top of the search results.
Since I don’t follow any of the gurus I’m not going to inundate your inbox with affiliate offers either. The programs I like are Mind Movies, Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success, the Empower Network, and Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason program. I talk about most of my personal development stuff here. I talk about the Empower Network here.
My intent for the series is to show you exactly how I have built my online business so that you can do it in a fraction of the time that it has taken me. With what I have already written so far, the first 5 messages, you will be online with content that can start to get you traffic. I don’t know how long the series is going to be yet, so I don’t have a big headline like “The 7 Steps to Your Online Success” or anything like that. I will keep writing until I feel that I have shared everything that I want to.
In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, I will hold some information back for just the people on my team. For example, I tell you about keywords, what they are, and where you should put them in your content so that you can rank for them. I reserve my actual methods of determining the keywords I use to only share with my team. And BTW, you are welcome to join my team. We aren’t an exclusive club or anything and we are happy to have motivated and passionate people to share success with. Just leave me a comment below or send me an email at the address next to my picture at the top of this page.
So, if you are ready to learn my way of building a network marketing business online, then just enter your first name and email address in the form below or the one to the right. It is your choice.
Wayne Woodworth

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