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Have you heard about Mind Movies?
If you’ve read my blog for long, or been in business very long, then you know that it is just as important to work on your head as it is to work on your business skills or anything else. You have to believe in your success before you can achieve your success.
One of my favorite new tools is Mind Movies. If you happen to be on the mailing lists of Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Joe Vitale, Nick Ortner, John Assaraf, or possibly a few others, then you have probably already heard of Mind Movies. These business and Law of Attraction leaders were involved in Mind Movies recent launch of version 2.1.
You’ve probably heard about using vision boards or scrapbooks to put up pictures of the things that you want to create, whether for business goals or personal goals. You probably also know about affirmations by now too. I think these are very important tools that you can use to get your head in the right place to allow you to be successful in your business.
Mind Movies is an easy way to create a video vision board and integrate your affirmations and set it all to your favorite music. The result is a video that you can play on your computer to help you visualize your business success. I’ve created two Mind Movies so far to help me visualize a couple of my goals.
They also have something that they call the Subliminal Success Accelerator that I think is very cool and makes it much easier for me to receive the benefits of my movie. The SSA software plays your movie and allows you to set the transparency level so that you can watch your movie full-screen and still work on your computer through it. Here’s a screen shot that I just took so that you can see what I mean.

My Mind Movie

As you can see, I keep the opacity of my movie pretty high so that I can see it clearly. I have gotten used to seeing what I’m doing through it but I could turn it down if I needed to. This particular shot from my movie has to do with eating more healthy and you can see the letters flying in from the transition of one affirmation to another. They call this subliminal because my conscious mind is focused on my work, what I’m typing, while my subconscious takes everything in, including the images and affirmations from my movie.
I heard about Mind Movies a year or two ago, possibly for their original launch, and decided not to buy into it. I’m glad I did because the new version is much better than what I heard about from the original version. You could easily spend as little as 5 to 10 minutes creating your movie if you use images, phrases, and music from their libraries. I probably spent almost 45 minutes making mine because I used mostly my own images and wrote all of my own affirmations.
You can get a taste, and see the benefits of Mind Movies without spending a dime by taking advantage of their 6 free movies. You can do that at their opt-in page and also watch the videos of Bob Proctor and everyone else I mentioned before as they talk about what they think of the program. When you are ready to take the leap and create your own Mind Movie, you can go to their sales page and get started.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. Yes, these links are affiliate links and I will make a commission if you decide to purchase the system. I feel confident recommending this to you because I use it myself and, like I said, I have made two movies so far and I have them playing in the background most of the time that I am on my computer, which is most of the day.

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