How I Build My Nikken Business Online – Part 3 – Social Media

In the first two parts of this series I shared how I build my Nikken Business Online with static pages and informative posts on my WordPress blog site. This time I will share how I currently use Social Media.
I want to start off with this: I freely admit that I grossly under-use the capabilities of social media.
The key components to ranking with the search engines are:

  • Age of the URL
  • Good, relevant content
  • Regularly updated content
  • Internal links
  • External links

There isn’t anything you can do about the age of your URL other than get started now or as soon as you possibly can. The content points are taken care of with the posts and pages as I have already talked about. The internal links are mostly taken care of by the posts. That leaves the external links, and that is what I use the social media sites for.
I have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and probably a few other places that I can’t remember right now and I am rarely active on any of them. Each of these social sites gives me a place to create a profile that can contain links that point back to my blog site. Those links are my external links, links from other sites back to my site. The social sites get a lot of traffic and rank very well with the search engines, so that gives a level of quality to the links in my profile.
The social media sites also give me a place to syndicate my content, which creates more external links from the same sites back to my content. There are plugins in WordPress and applications on Facebook that make it very easy to automatically syndicate my content when I publish a new post, so it doesn’t take any extra work on my part to do it.
There are many other things that I could do with social media, like actually make contact and interact with people. I could also create a Fan Page on Facebook and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn which would give me even more ways of meeting people and getting my message out. I will probably get to these some day but for now, using the social media sites just to create the external links to my website is working very well.
If you know anyone who might be interested in learning how to easily create an online business that actually makes money, please check out my business opportunity. I will show you step-by-step how to create your online presence the same way that I have so that you can generate online income the same way that I am.
Wayne Woodworth

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