Nikken's Compensation Plan for People Who Understand Matrix Plans

As I said in my last post, some people familiar with the more “modern” network marketing compensation plans may find Nikken’s comp plan a little confusing. Nikken’s comp plan is a stair-step breakaway plan, a much older style of plan that has been in use for something like 50 years. The “breakaway” part of Nikken’s plan is a little misleading because you don’t actually ever breakaway from your sponsor.
The shape of Nikken’s compensation plan should be pretty easy to understand for people who are already familiar with matrix comp plans. You can think of it as an infinity by 6 matrix. You can sponsor as many people as you want in your front line and as you increase in rank and your downline reaches the “breakaway” point, you max out at 6 levels of breakaways.
The similarities pretty much end there.
The stair-step part of plan means that as your business grows and you generate more sales volume, you get higher commission percentages. They increase in 5% increments from 0 to 20%. When you reach 20% you have also reached the breakaway point. In Nikken this is the rank of Silver and is your goal when you start your business.
When you bring new people onto your team who also start selling product to customers, you get an “override” from their activity equal to the difference between your commission percentage and your teammate’s percentage. When you and your teammate have both reached 20% you can no longer make any override on their activity and they have “broken away.” From this point on you make a 6% leadership bonus on all of your teammate’s non-breakaway activity.
What I mean by non-breakaway activity is this. You have a teammate, Tim, and you have both reached the breakaway point. Tim has 3 people on his team, 2 of which have not yet reached the breakaway point. You will now earn 6% on Tim’s personal activity plus the activity of the 2 people who have not reached breakaway. So, in this way you actually get paid on levels deeper than just 6.
As you increase in rank from here you will get paid on deeper levels of breakaways, up to 6 levels of breakaways at the top ranks.
If you are already familiar with the potential earning power of a matrix, like a 4 x 4, then just image the increased earning potential you could have with a matrix that can be infinitely wide and go 6 levels deep.
If you would like to investigate this further to see what this could really do for you, then please contact me. My contact info is in the header above. You can also check out my business opportunity page or enter your first name and email address below and I will get back with you.
To your success!
Wayne Woodworth

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