Nikken vs A Matrix Compensation Plan

I was invited this morning to check out a new company, that will remain nameless, that is using a forced matrix compensation plan. Aside from the fact the video didn’t work on their website and there was no link to the products they offer, the biggest reason I wasn’t interested was the matrix comp plan itself. This company’s plan was a 2 by 10 matrix, which is like a binary comp plan limited to 10 levels, so in this case you are limited to making your money on the activity of only 2046 people. While 2046 may seem like a lot of people to some, it is still a limited number and a cap to your potential income.
Anybody involved with the Nikken business plan would think that is absolutely insane. Why limit yourself to only 2046 people when you can build a Nikken team as wide as you like? In theory, your Nikken team can be infinitely wide. Then once you reach Royal Diamond you get paid up to 6 levels deep. In case math isn’t your thing, infinity wide multiplied by 6 levels deep equals you getting paid on up to an infinite number of people. In case you are REALLY challenged by math, infinity is a LOT bigger than any matrix plan.
Let’s say that you only recruited 6 serious people onto your team and you showed each of them how to recruit 6 good people too. That would be equal to a 6 by 6 matrix, or 55,986 people that you earn money from in addition to your own selling activity. That’s more than 27 times the number of people, and of course you won’t stop with just 6 people on your front-line.
Another reason that people will look at a matrix compensation plan is because they believe that it forces their upline to build their team for them. From what I’ve heard, this rarely works out as the new person expects and always favors the upline person, as is usually the case with get-rich-quick schemes.
Nikken’s compensation plan only rewards those who actually do the work. Since your front-line can be infinitely wide, you don’t have people rolling into anyone else’s front-line like in a matrix. This means that you have to find the people to join your team and not rely on your upline to do it for you. That doesn’t mean that your upline won’t help you because they certainly will. In most cases you can even find cross-line people who will help you bring a prospect into your team, as long as you have already done the work to find one.
Maybe Nikken should put a disclaimer on their compensation plan. Something like: “Serious business builders only. If you want money for nothing try a matrix plan, and good luck.”
I like Nikken’s compensation plan. I get rewarded for the work I do for myself and for my team. Nothing gets handed to me, which works well for me because I believe that handouts breed laziness.
If you like the idea of starting a business where you get fairly compensated for what you do, then I invite you to contact me. We’ll set up a time to talk and I’ll give you all of the information you need to decide if this is right for you. My contact info is at the top of this page, you can opt-in at the bottom of my Work with Me page, or contact me through my contact page.

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