Follow-up in an Online Nikken Network Marketing Business

I am one of only a few people that I know personally who are actively building their Nikken network marketing business online. Sometimes it is a challenge to get my upline and other distributors who have been doing traditional network marketing to understand what I am doing. About once a month I still receive a phone call from my Royal Diamond upline, Sheri, encouraging me to get some of my prospects to come to a meeting and I have to remind her that my closest prospect lives more than 500 miles away and some of them live in other countries.

Nikken is a People Business

I had a conversation with Sheri about a month and a half ago and one thing we do agree on is that this is a business about people and follow-up is essential whether you are building your Nikken business online or offline.
Sheri’s concern with people building their business online is that they think they can just sit at their computer and sell product and build a team without having to interact with people. When they don’t succeed they blame Nikken and say that Nikken doesn’t work. I agree with her concern. Anyone with that mentality will likely fail and it won’t be Nikken that didn’t work. They didn’t do the necessary work.
Nikken is a people business. Many customers want to know that there is a real person on the other end of the transaction in case they have any questions or concerns. That is why I make sure that all of my web pages have my picture and my contact information where it is easy for them to find. I get calls from people who prefer to place their orders over the phone even though they are already looking at the website and only have to make one more click to place their order online. They want that reassurance of a real person.
I also make sure to email all of my customers after they place an order so that they know that there is a real person that they can talk to with any questions about the product. Again, I include all of my contact information.
When building your Nikken team it is even more important to follow up with your prospects and let them know that you are a real person. Sure, there are some people who would rather not be bothered and be allowed to go their own way. I believe that most people like to interact with the other people on their team and have the benefit of someone to teach them about the product and share ideas about different ways to build the business.
I once had a new person join my team instead of joining a more “advanced” Nikken distributor only because I was the first one to call them back. It took the other person 3 days to respond. Follow-up can be that important and that simple.
The bottom line is that the internet is just another venue to attract new prospects, albeit one with a much farther reach. Once you have those prospects it is pretty much the same as in traditional network marketing. You still need to follow up with them and lead them through a process of discovery to get them to join your team.
If you are someone serious about building a Nikken business and willing to do the work, either online or offline, then I would love to talk to you. Write a comment or enter your first name and email address in the form below and I will respond back to you as soon as I can.
Wayne Woodworth

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