Nikken Internet Marketing and Compliance

A new Nikken distributor called me yesterday because she wanted to know more about Nikken and internet marketing and staying in compliance with Nikken’s rules. She had talked to another distributor about his marketing system and when she mentioned my name to him he told her that what I do doesn’t work and that my websites are not in compliance with Nikken’s rules. Unfortunately, I know he has also told other Nikken distributor friends of mine the same thing.
In this post I want to share with you how I am building my business online and I will also address the compliance issue because it is very important to stay in compliance with Nikken’s rules.
First, I want to take care of just one point that can color this whole discussion.
Any time that you talk to someone about something you have to know what kind of interest they have in it. This particular distributor makes money by selling his marketing system to people, so he has a monthly financial stake in getting people to use his system and do marketing his way.
I don’t charge anyone to help them build their Nikken business online. If they are on my team then I make money from Nikken in the usual network marketing way. If they are not on my team then I don’t make any money from their efforts. If they decide to use HostMonster for their web hosting then I make a one-time $65 affiliate commission, but that isn’t a requirement for me to work with them. If you have a good relationship with another company then by all means stay with them. What I get out of the relationship is validation that what I’m doing can work for other people too.
Ok, now to the real content of this post…

Can you be successful building a Nikken business online through blogging and be in compliance with Nikken’s rules

You absolutely can be successful marketing Nikken online. My personal volume for this month (today is March 31, so the month is just about over) is just over 8000. That’s personal volume, from my efforts only, not volume from any of my teammates. That means that I have sold $8,000 worth of product by the wholesale price. Most of that was actually sold at retail, so my website is bringing in pretty decent money for one person with a simple blog.
My method for creating my website was first to create some static pages for each of the product categories: magnets, air filtration, water filtration, nutritional supplements, sleep products, far-infrared, and skin care. That’s a lot of pages to create and I definitely didn’t do it all in one day. Each of the pages is more about the technology and less about the product itself. Nikken doesn’t want us writing our own descriptions of the product, so focus on the technology instead – magnets instead of Magboys. I also write about how I use the products because that doesn’t require a description and I can use the item’s name, like Magboy. My pages all link to my Nikken personal web page (PWP).
Then I write blog posts and link them to the pages I created. My posts may contain more information about technologies, medical conditions, or questions that I have been asked. If it is about technology or medical conditions then the post is not specific to Nikken. We definitely cannot come across as making a claim that Nikken’s products will cure, prevent, or treat any particular condition. These posts usually talk about the condition, what the condition is, and how a particular technology, like magnets or far-infrared energy, can affect the condition. It is even better if I can find some studies or something to back up my information and I then link to them. I don’t mention any Nikken products by name when I’m doing this. Then in a separate paragraph I will mention a Nikken product or two that contains that technology with a link to the appropriate page. Finally, I add on a disclaimer at the bottom to specifically state that I am not a doctor and that Nikken’s products are not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any condition, see a doctor, etc.
That’s pretty much the formula that I have been using for the past two years and you can see my Nikken product site here.
Nikken does have rules about what you can do with your business and say about the product online and it is important to stay in compliance with their rules. If you don’t stay in compliance then they can terminate your distributorship. I have already mentioned two of the rules: no product descriptions and no medical claims. They also require that you identify yourself as an independent Nikken consultant and you cannot create any of your own pictures of the product. Finally, all online orders for Nikken products have to go through your Nikken Personal Web Page. That pretty much covers it.
If for some reason your website is not compliant then it is NOT usually grounds for immediate termination. You will receive a certified letter or a phone call stating that there is a problem and you have two weeks to fix it. If you receive the certified letter, the first thing you do is call the phone number on the letter and ask them for more information. They are more than happy to help. I have received two letters in the past, the first one about 2 years ago and the second one was last month. It is usually for small things that are easily fixed.
The thing to keep in mind is that Nikken wants us to be successful online. From a business standpoint, the more traffic we send to the Nikken website, the more product they sell, the more money they make. I think Nikken keeps a watch on what I’m doing because I send a good bit of traffic to the Nikken website and I believe they would let me know more often than every two years if I got out of compliance.
Nikken is really a great company to be associated with and they care about what we do. That is why there are compliance rules and that is also why they will work with us to get them fixed.
So, yes you can be successful online with Nikken and it isn’t that hard to stay in compliance.
If you would like to be a Nikken distributor and market your business online, then check out my page about theĀ Nikken business opportunity.
Wayne Woodworth

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