How I Build My Nikken Business Online – Part 1

Replicated WebsitesIn my last post I responded to a new friend’s question: can you build a Nikken business online with a blog and be compliant with Nikken’s rules? Of course you can and it is pretty easy. I have decided that I will do a series to show you how I do this. In this post I will show you the first part, static pages for the products.
One of Nikken’s rules is that all online orders for Nikken products must go through the Nikken Personal Web Page (Nikken PWP ). That site is a replicated website, so your PWP site is not going to rank on the search engines because yours is essentially identical to everyone else’s, and the root page that belongs to Nikken directly. Only Nikken’s root page will rank.
That’s why I create static pages for each of the Nikken products on my blog site. My own pages can and do rank well on Google and the other search engines, and I use them to get traffic to my Nikken PWP site to generate orders.

How I Create My Product Pages

I use WordPress for my site, so that’s what I’m going to talk about. It is the easiest way I have seen to create a website.
The first step to adding a new page is to give it a title. Since this title displays on the page itself you can’t use the name of a product. For example, my page for the Magboy and Mag Creator is titled “Magnetic Massage Tools”, definitely not Nikken specific. The reason that we cannot use the name of the product here is because the compliance team says that anything after a heading containing the name of a product is a description of the product, and that’s against the rules. This is the latest thing I learned from Nikken’s compliance team and I still have a couple pages to fix.
Next is the permalink – the url address to the page that you are creating. It is automatically generated from the title that you just entered and then you have the ability to change it if you like. For the massage tools page I left it as it was because “magnetic massage tools” is a good keyword phrase that people will search for. Sometimes I change it to include the products name, like “ciaga-juice” for the CiagaV page.
Now it is time for your content. Again, stay away from any real description of the product. My CiagaV page is a good example of what I try to do. The closest I get to describing the product is say what the CiagaV anagram stands for. Then I go into the benefits of acai berries and maqui berries then mention that the product is available on an autoship. When they are available, I link to Nikken’s marketing pieces – brochures, quick reference sheets, and videos. It is always best to let Nikken do the real marketing. The last paragraph of my page is almost always a disclaimer.
It is a good idea to use pictures when creating a page, and Nikken has rules for this too. You can only use Nikken’s official pictures of the product. That makes it really easy because you don’t have to try to take a good picture. Nikken already has them.
Since the whole point of the page is to get traffic to your PWP site, make sure you have links to your PWP pages. I make any pictures of product be a link and usually have at least one text link too. I recently started adding a “Buy Now” button to my product picture so that visitors know that that is how to place an order.
There are other plugins, a few of which I wrote myself, for WordPress that I use to help my pages rank better on the search engines and increase my traffic. I gladly share my plugins and other details with the people on my team who want to build their business online.
If you are thinking about starting an online wellness business then consider joining my Nikken team and let me help you. BTW, as I said in my previous post, I don’t charge my teammates anything extra to work with them. That just seems wrong to me because I already benefit from their success without having them pay me extra.
Let’s set up a time to talk. Just enter your first name and email address below and I will get back to you.
Wayne Woodworth

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