Why I Don't Use PPC in my Internet Network Marketing

I don’t use any pay-per-click (ppc) advertising in my internet network marketing business and depend almost completely on search engine optimization (seo) to get my traffic. I believe I have one very good reason and it is based on how people view a webpage.
How viewers see Google search resultsI have heard the results from several studies of how people read through a website and they all pretty much say the same thing. People scan across the top from left to right then down the left-hand side. They largely ignore the right-hand side of the page unless there is something to catch the eye. In search results people are much more likely to see the natural, or organic, search results and never take notice of the pay-per-click results down the right-hand side.
Google places up to 3 pay-per-click results above the organic search results where they will be seen by people along with the natural results. So for pay-per-click to work you have to be willing to pay the premium to rank among the first 3 results, which could be very expensive for popular keywords and cut heavily into your network marketing profits.
I prefer search engine optimization (seo). For one, it is free and doesn’t eat into my profit margin. At this moment my pages rank pretty well for my chosen keywords and my pages sit right in the middle of the search results where people will see them and I get free traffic.
In the picture above I did a Google search for “nikken business opportunity”. Google placed one paid ad at the top then listed the first 10 natural results. Searchers will take the most notice of that 1 pay-per-click position and the first 5 or so natural results. It so happens that for this search the 1st and 4th results are for this website.
With seo you are also competing for 1 of 10 spots while the ppc guys are competing for 1 of up to 3. You have a better chance of staying on the first page with seo, and maybe even in multiple positions.
I admit that it does require more time and effort to get to the first page of search results with seo while someone doing ppc can get there immediately. With seo though, if you keep your pages updated it becomes easier to hold onto a page 1 position while a top 3 ppc position can cost more money as your competitors throw more and more of their money at being in the top 3 themselves.
Someone who recently joined my team is already up to the second and third pages of search results for some of his keywords and he isn’t working very fast, creating a new page or post only once or twice a week. Someone who can get 3 or even 4 updates a week should be able to move up even faster and reach the first page in less than a month.
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Wayne Woodworth

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