How to Build a Nikken Business With No Money

Network Marketing No MoneyWhen talking to people about getting started with a Nikken business of their own, I often get the “I don’t have any money” excuse. I believe that you can build a Nikken business without any money from your own pocket.
There are three things that we need to accomplish to start your business and achieve your first rank advancement.

  1. Sign up and start your distributorship
  2. Achieve 500 personal volume
  3. Achieve 1500 personal group volume

I’ll explain the terms below when we talk about how to achieve the requirement itself.

How to Get Started

Getting started is the trickiest part because you don’t have any product to show anyone and there is a $60 fee plus tax and shipping to open your distributorship with Nikken. What you need to do is pre-sell enough product at retail for cash or check made out to you to cover the wholesale price of the product and the sign-up expense.
Let’s use the Magsteps magnetic insoles as an example. The retail price is $64 and the wholesale price is $48 which gives you a $12 profit on each pair. When you sell 6 pairs then you will have $72 in profit, which should be enough to cover the sign-up expense plus shipping and sales tax. Make sure to charge your customers for tax and shipping on their purchase as well, or sell a few more pairs and don’t worry about it.
Now you have enough money in hand to register, get your distributor id and login, and place the order for your customers. You will place one large wholesale order for all of the insoles that you sold and you will personally deliver them when they arrive.
Congratulations! You’re now a new Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant with your first retail orders taken care of. You’ve probably done more than most other distributors ever do and you haven’t paid one cent out of your own pocket.

How to Reach Your First Rank Advancement

The next step is to earn 500 PV, or personal volume. Each product in the Nikken catalog has a volume usually equal to the wholesale price. The 4 pairs of insoles that you have already sold you have earned 192 PV (or 288 if you sold 6 pairs). That leaves 308 (or 212) PV to reach 500. Keep selling product at retail until you have that met. The Magsteps, PowerPatches, and PowerBands are the best product to do this with because they are all relatively inexpensive and easy to explain to your prospects.
Now for the final requirement for your first rank advancement, 1500 PGV (personal group volume). You can introduce the Nikken business opportunity to other people and they can choose to join your team, or group. PGV is your PV plus the individual PV from everyone else on your team. As long as we are still in the same month that you earned your 500 PV it will count toward the 15oo PGV, so you need 1000 PGV. You can continue to find customers to buy product and you can find people who are interested in learning about what you are doing and sign them up.
Here’s one excellent way to accomplish this. You already have 500 PV. Now find 2 people to join your team and do exactly what you have already accomplished. They each generate 500 PV for 1000 total PGV to add to your 500 PV. Congratulations, you now have 1500 PGV and have advanced to the Senior rank.

What’s Next?

Keep going by adding at least one more person to your front line this month and helping all 3 of them advance. See how deep you can get your team in your first month. Next month work the business as if you were starting over and do the exact same thing.
There is a monthly requirement of 100 PV in order to get paid each month. If every month you do what you did in the first month then you will always meet that requirement. If everyone keeps duplicating what you are duplicating then you will never have to worry about rank advancement because it will just happen based on your constant monthly activity.
So, there you have it. How to build a Nikken business without spending a cent from your own pocket. If you do have money to invest in your business then you can go faster because you are able to have product to show people and let them experience before buying. You will also be able to move through the lower ranks more quickly by purchasing product for yourself and make it possible to make more money from each item that is sold by your team.
Are you ready to get started? If you want to do it the way I described above then contact me or enter your first name and email address below and we’ll set up a time to talk. I can help you sell your first pair of insoles. If you want to go the more “traditional” method then either contact me using the form below, find out more here, or just go ahead and sign up and I’ll contact you. I also want to be clear that this is not the way that I have been building my business. I made the upfront investment and made the additional small investment to build this online.
Wayne Woodworth

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