How to Make a Difference in Wellness Network Marketing

Do you want to get involved in something that will make a difference in your life, your family’s lives, and in the lives of everyone you interact with?
Most wellness-based network marketing companies only offer a single product, or at most a handful of products all centered around nutrition or a drink. As important as nutrition is, it is just one component to our overall wellness.

What is Different About Nikken?

You probably already know that Nikken sells magnets and you might know about their air and water filtration systems. The one thing that all of these products, and the rest of Nikken’s catalog, have in common is that they all affect the environment that you are exposed to, and thereby affect just about all aspects of your wellness.
Nikken is about bringing our natural environment, the outdoors where our ancestors spent much more of their time,  inside where we spend the most of our time.
Here’s another way to say it. God created the outdoors. Man created the indoors. Which do you think is healthier?
Nikken is about brining as many of the benefits of the outdoors to the indoors as they can.

What Does Nikken Offer?

We need clean water to drink and clean air to breathe, so Nikken offers water filtration that provides clean, alkaline water and air filtration that provides clean air with negative ions and no ozone. A lot of other water system are either wasteful (like reverse osmosis) or overly expensive and complex. Other air filters that generate relaxing negative ions also generate ozone. Nikken’s systems use simple, effective means to do exactly what they are intended to do without any harmful byproducts.
Out nutrition needs to be based on real foods, not synthetic chemicals. Nikken gives us whole food organic-based supplements that target body systems instead of single vitamins or minerals that the body cannot process in isolation. For example, the body cannot process calcium without the presence of other vitamins and minerals.
Nikken’s fame is in magnetics. The Earth is a giant magnet on which we all live and in whose magnetic field we have lived for centuries. When we moved indoors and surrounded ourselves with metal and artificial electric currents we isolated ourselves from the Earth’s magnetic field. That’s what Nikken’s magnets are about. While many people have found the magnets effective for various complaints, the true intent and benefit is to put us back in the natural magnetic field on a regular basis.
Far-infrared is another technology that Nikken has done a lot with. We naturally receive its benefits when we are outside in sunlight and it provides deep soothing warmth that relaxes your muscles. It works kind of like a heating pad except that it heats from the inside out instead of the outside in. Nikken’s far-infrared technology works passively by absorbing ambient energy from other heat and light sources and reflects it back out in the far-infrared range. It may be difficult to picture but it works very well for regulating your body temperature while you sleep.
The newest technology that Nikken just launched is a full-spectrum lamp. The need for full-spectrum light has been known for a long time, especially in the northern and southern regions that receive much less sunlight, but isn’t talked about much. Studies have shown many benefits to full-spectrum light. Better concentration when working on things and less eye strain because things are properly illuminated. Full-spectrum light is called that because it brings the full range of visible light into the home.

How Can You Make a Difference?

The best way to use these technologies to make a difference is to join me as a consultant and start spreading the word. Find out more about how to work with me here.
Wayne Woodworth

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