Network Marketing – Getting People to Your Meetings

Online Network Marketing MeetingOne of the biggest challenges that I have seen most traditional network marketers have is getting their prospects to come to the opportunity meetings. I have been to plenty of them where the room is full of distributors and only two or three guests, and those guests were usually all invited by the same person.
A lot of times the meetings are in the evening and people don’t want to go back out after getting home from work. I know I didn’t back when I had a job. Other times the problem is that the meeting is just too far away. That’s usually the case for me.

I’m not a big fan of traditional network marketing and prefer to build my network marketing business online. The internet allows me to reach people much farther away than my own city, state, or even country. The internet also offers a solution for the “empty meeting” problem too. I started using GoToMeeting about two months ago as a means to train new people on my team and it has been fantastic. I have been teaching them how to build their own websites and GoToMeeting has made this very easy.
The tool has made it possible for me to show them how to do something and then allows me to watch them do it and help them if they need it. GoToMeeting is quickly becoming one of the most important tools that I use.
The next step for me is to set up a meeting for prospects to introduce them to this amazing business opportunity that I am in with Nikken.
Wayne Woodworth
UPDATE: My upline team is looking at a new tool that will give us most of the capabilities that I received from GoToMeeting, a community, and a lot more for half the price of GoToMeeting. Very exciting stuff.

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