Achieving Silver With Nikken Has Become Even Easier

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenNikken has made moving up to the rank of Silver even easier.
When I started with Nikken six years ago, you needed either 20,000 PGV (personal group volume) in one calendar month or 25,000 PGV total spread out over 4 consecutive calendar months. You also had to have 3 people on your team at the Senior rank and be registered for Humans Being More training.
On August 1, 2011, just eleven months ago, Nikken made reaching Silver a lot easier. You had three consecutive months to earn 20,000 PGV instead of one month. You still had to have three Seniors and be taking Humans Being More. This allowed me to reach Silver last October (2011).

Now, effective July 1, 2012 Nikken has made it even easier to reach Silver. Now you only need 12,000 PGV accumulated over three consecutive months. You still need three people at Senior rank and be registered for Humans Being More.
Only 12,000 PGV in 3 months!!! They are almost giving it away.
To support this change, Nikken has made a couple other changes too. The 5,000 PGV requirement to reach Executive has been reduced to 4,000 PGV and they have removed the Bronze rank.
So now, reaching Silver is like going Executive 3 months in a row. You used to reach Bronze by earning 10,000 PGV in one calendar month. Since you can reach Silver by averaging 4,000 PGV in a month, most people won’t meet the Bronze requirement before going Silver. Under the previous rules, I didn’t meet the Bronze requirement until after I met the Silver requirement, so Bronze has become obsolete anyway.
The Direct and Senior ranks are still the same. We still have the 100 PV (personal, not group, volume) requirement every month to receive our CV bonuses. I’ve never heard another distributor say this, but I think it is important to point out. The 100 PV requirement doesn’t really apply until you reach Senior because there isn’t a CV bonus at the Direct rank.
Nikken has more changes that they are going to announce next month that won’t take effect until January 1, 2013. I wonder what they could be. For now, this is pretty darn cool for anyone who is just starting out with their Nikken business.
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Wayne Woodworth

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