Network Marketing Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

I will sometimes get on other network marketers’ lists to see what I can learn from them. Sometimes it may be a new technique and other times it might be something that I am already doing that I could do just a little bit differently. Or maybe it will be something that I disagree with. No matter what, there will probably be something that I can blog about.
This time it was something that I disagreed with. I started following someone a few days ago because she is becoming a very successful network marketer. No, I’m not going to name her. She talks a lot about how successful she has been and how she teaches her team to use attraction marketing, one of the very popular buzz words in network marketing in the past few years. After receiving her emails for a few days she finally gets down to her MLM company and how much it costs to join her team. It’s only $20 to apply but if you are accepted you will be expected to immediately buy a $300 – $400 package of products.
That’s where she lost me. If I had been looking for a new opportunity, at that price tag I would have started looking somewhere else.
I’ve had coaches tell me before that I needed to create scarcity and make sure that my prospects were serious before working with them by telling them that they have to buy an expensive product pack if they want to join my team. While I understand what they are trying to say, I just can’t do that.
There are people out there who are hard working and seriously motivated about building a business but they just don’t have a lot of cash or credit to get started. Instead of asking them to invest all of their money, I prefer to ask them to invest their time. Regardless of how much money you have to start your business, it is still going to take time and effort. So, instead of only working with the rich, I prefer to work with the people who are going to do the work.
The company that I am with does have a range of packs and it is a good idea to get one or more of these pack when you start, but only if you can afford it. Going deep into debt to start your business creates stress, and we don’t need any more stress in our lives. You can be just as successful without spending the money.
So regardless of how much money you have, if you are motivated and are willing to do the work, I would like to talk to you about what you are looking for in a network marketing business. I am building my business online and I will share with you exactly what I am doing in a series of articles that I am writing. Sign up in the form below and I will begin sending them to you. If you would rather work offline, then let’s talk about that. Online and offline are both very viable ways to build a network marketing business.
Wayne Woodworth

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