How to Make the Most of Your Years

Put More Life in Your YearsI saw this quote on Twitter this morning that got me thinking.

In the end its not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.  – Abraham Lincoln

There are two big challenges that people can face in getting the most life into their years – health and money.

The Problem

If you aren’t healthy then you cannot live life as fully as you could if you were healthy. Your diet, stress level, air quality, water quality, and sleep quality play a big part in your health. If you can address at least some of these issues you will be able to live a bigger life.
Most people work at a job to make money. All week long they slave away for someone else then spend the weekends doing chores like cleaning the house, mowing the grass, and washing the car. The most you get to do for yourself is watch a couple hours of TV in the evening before bed, which isn’t living either. That’s just watching other people live.
What if I told you that there was something that you could do that would address both the health challenges and the work issues?

The Solution

Nikken Business OpportunitySix and a half years ago a friend introduced me to Nikken, a health and wellness network marketing company, and I decided to join his team as a distributor. Three years ago I quit my job and last year I was one of the top 5 retailers in Nikken. I should know in a couple weeks if I was a top 5 retailer again.
Nikken goes a long way toward addressing how to make the most of your years. Their products are all about having more health and keeping your health. Nutritional supplements, air filters, water filters and magnetic sleep systems allow you to take better care of your body so that your body can take better care of you.
The Nikken business opportunity gives you the ability to work for yourself in your own health and wellness business. No more punching a time clock. You are your own boss. There is nobody to tell you what you have to do. I work when I have the time. For example, I’m writing this on a Sunday morning while my family is still sleeping and I will have the rest of the day to do things with them. We home school our kids, so I get to be involved with them on a daily basis and we can do fun things during the week too.
That’s the kind of freedom that I wanted. How about you? Are you ready to put more life in your years? Check out what network marketing is then let’s talk. My email address and phone number are at the top right corner of this page.


As with any other business, starting a network marketing business with Nikken, or any other network marketing company, takes time and effort. There is not guarantee of success, no guarantee that you will make money. Like most anything else that matters, you get out of it what you put into it.
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