Do You Lead With Product or the Business Opportunity?

One question that I often hear with the Nikken business is whether to lead with the product or the business. What that means is when you approach a prospect, do you talk first about the product or the business opportunity.
In some cases, the situation itself will decide that for you. If you are talking to someone with a headache or something then you will definitely tell them about the product. If someone asks you about what you do, then you will tell them about what you do. In other cases it isn’t as clear which to lead with and everybody does it differently.
I prefer to lead with the product because that is where the money is. With Nikken we don’t make any money by recruiting people, only selling product. If you recruit someone who then buys product or who sells product then you will make money. All of the money in Nikken comes from moving product.
So, I introduce people to Nikken through the product. Once they have experienced the product then I introduce them to the business opportunity. I think it was Jim Rohn who once told a story about a salesman who was unable to sell product because he had never used it and therefore had no passion for the product. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Emotions sell then logic justifies it afterward.
For more information about Nikken’s product, check out then come back here for more about the business and how to get started working with me.
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Wayne Woodworth

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