How to Start a Wellness Business Without a Degree or a Lot of Money

There are a lot of people who are interested in wellness and would like to know how they can use that interest to start a business and earn some income by sharing what they know and helping people. What holds them back is that a lot of businesses in the wellness industry require a lot of money to get started and usually require a degree or a certificate.
For example, I am a massage therapist. To be a massage therapist in Georgia, where I live, I had to pay about $7000 and go to massage school. Now I have to pay a fee every two years to the state to maintain my license so that I can legally practice. It is even more expensive in time and money to be a chiropractor or any of a number of other wellness professionals. The time and money commitment keeps a lot of people out of these professions.
An easier, much less expensive option is to get into a wellness network marketing company. It should cost less than $100 and all it takes to get started is signing up. There is some on-the-job training to learn the products and how the business works then you are on your way.
I chose to sign up with Nikken, a 36 year old wellness company from Japan, because they have a lot of unique products that aren’t available from other companies and some products that fit in very well with massage, namely magnetic massage tools. It costs $60 to start a Nikken business and, like I said, there are a variety of products to choose from to start your business. There is probably something there for you regardless of what area of wellness you are most interested in. After you get going then you can add other product lines into what you promote.
Another nice benefit to building a wellness business with Nikken is that those massage therapists and chiropractors who spent all of that money to learn their skills could become your customers and new team members in your business so that you are now making money from them.
If you are interested in wellness and want to learn more about Nikken then take a look at how I’m building my business. You can also contact me directly.
Wayne Woodworth

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