The Benefits of Network Marketing with Many Products

I sometimes hear that poeple decide not to join Nikken, or decide to quit their Nikken business because Nikken offers too many products. A catalog of products is such a huge benefit that I just can’t understand why they feel this way.

You Can Build Your Nikken Business With Just a Few of the Products

Just because Nikken’s catalog contains a large number of products across a variety of product lines and technologies doesn’t mean that you have to know them all intimately or sell them all. If you are more comfortable selling just one product then you can do that. Choose one product, get to know it very well, and sell it.
The PiMag Waterfall, Magnetic Sleep System, or the Magsteps insoles are just a few of the great products that you could choose to build a single product business.
If you decide to do this with a company that only offers a single product then you are stuck with that single product. Should you decide to expand your business, you can’t. You’re stuck. Nikken’s larger product lines on the other hand does offer you that option. If you start with the Magsteps, you can someday decide to expand your offering to include the magnetic patches for example.

You Don’t Have to be an Expert on all of Nikken’s Products

When you start your business you probably won’t know very much about most of Nikken’s products. That’s ok, and may actually be a good thing. Through your upline you should have access to people who do know the other products very well. This gives you the opportunity to meet and work with other people who can train you on those products when you are ready, and may also be able to give you different ideas about how to build the business as well.
The culture in Nikken is cooperative, not competitive. I am often asked by cross-line people for help, either for information about a product or about how I’m building the business online. In case you don’t understand the term, cross-line means that they are neither in my upline or downline. In other words, I don’t receive any financial benefit from helping them, nor do they from helping me. I have never met anyone in Nikken who was unwilling to help me or anyone else.
Getting back to the topic at hand, you can start your business with the products that you understand and grow a successful business. When (if) you are ready to expand, it will be easy to find someone who can train you on additional products and help you answer questions from customers. It really works very well.

There Will Be Products That You Won’t Care About, And Won’t Sell

It is inevitable that there will be products in the Nikken catalog that you don’t care for, don’t believe in, or for some other reason decide not to put much attention on. That’s ok too.
One of my cross-line Nikken friends doesn’t care for the new KenkoLight. He believes there are other less expensive options available in stores for full-spectrum light and doesn’t promote it at all. I also have a person in my downline who sells a competing water system, so he doesn’t talk to his customers about the PiMag Waterfall. Again, that is his choice, but he has since discovered that it is a good option for his customers who balk at the much higher price of his preferred system.
I don’t put as much energy into promoting the skin care products. I believe Nikken’s philosophy about skin care is good but there are so many different products on the market that people can choose from. I don’t care to get into that highly competitive market when Nikken offers so many other products that are much more uniquely Nikken, namely the magnets. Since I sell the products online, I do list the Nikken skin care, I just don’t put as much effort into developing that page as I do for the rest of the products.

Choose the Products You Want to Sell and Go For It

In summary, I believe that Nikken is a much better choice of network marketing company whether you want to sell only one product or a bunch of products because their catalog of products offers you the option, and you can change your mind down the road.
Find out more about starting your own Nikken business and be sure to opt in with the form at the bottom so that I can send you more information. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to get you answers.
Wayne Woodworth

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