How to Move Up in Rank With Nikken

Moving Up In Rank With NikkenLast night I had a chance to listen to a few Diamonds and Royal Diamonds talk about how they built their Nikken businesses and answer some questions at the Royal Alliance event in Orlando, FL.
One of the Royal Diamonds I listened to was Dave Rolfe.
The first thing he said was that you need to understand the Nikken compensation plan forward and backward. Once you understand that, then you have the information you need for the right way to build your Nikken business.

One common question for serious business builders is whether you should build your business wide or deep. Of course the answer is “yes”. You want both. According to Dave Rolfe though, you want to build it deep first.
When you reach Silver in your Nikken business, you will get paid down 2 leadership levels. That is, you will get paid on 2 levels of Silver below you. When you go Gold you will get paid on a 3rd leadership level down. For a new Silver, there is no good reason to quickly go Gold unless you have at least a 3rd leadership level to get paid on.
Dave takes it even further. He says that if you want to go Gold, then you need to start by building one leg with at least 6 levels of Silver or above. The reason is retention.
If you build wide first, adding a bunch of people front-line, then your team can disappear overnight. Without any activity under them, they may not feel like it is working, and they will quit.
On the other hand, if you build deep, there is activity going on 5, 6, 7 levels down, you know that your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels are going to stay. They have an income from that activity. If one of them does leave for some reason, then you already have another leadership-level person to move up into their place and you don’t lose any income.
Absolutely brilliant.
Now that you have one leg built deep you can move on to a second and do the same thing. You have leaders in your first leg who will continue the activity while the majority of you attention moves to your new leg.
When you have three legs built this way, you will go Gold and continue to advance up the ranks fairly quickly.
Again, Brilliant.
So, who’s ready to blow this out of the water? Learn more about me and how I’m building my Nikken business here. Then join my team here.
Wayne Woodworth

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