Going Platinum in Nikken

Nikken Distributor RanksThe idea came to me a couple weeks ago to go for the Platinum rank with my Nikken business. I’ve been thinking about it and what it will take while I have been rebuilding my business after letting it sit for almost two years. I talk about that in my last post about how online network marketing works.
I have been at the Silver rank for a few years now, which has maxed out the commission percentage I get from my customers’ orders. For someone who only focuses on retail sales of product to customers, Silver is as far as I have needed to go. To go beyond that increases the number of people that I earn a percentage from – kind of like starting new franchises, having someone else run them, and collecting a small percentage.

Benefits to Achieving a Platinum Nikken Business

As I mentioned above, my focus has always been on retail sales. I needed three people to join me as distributors for me to reach Silver, but I didn’t need them to do much. One of them is still active as an Executive, one is a Senior and places orders almost every month, and the third dropped out. I spent a lot of time with them helping them get started, so I’m glad that they are still around.
I will continue to focus on retail sales. That is where the largest percentage of the money is. The difference is that once I am Platinum I will have  at least six active people on my team also focusing on generating retail sales. They generate an income the same way that I have been for the past 6 years and my income increases because I will earn a small percentage from all of their sales in exchange for helping them reach that level.
What is more important to me is that as a team we will be able to reach more people who need the Nikken products. I’ve been a Nikken distributor for seven and a half years because I firmly believe in the products. I use the products, my family uses the products, so I feel very good about sharing the products with others.

How to Reach Platinum in Nikken

There are two ways to reach Platinum in Nikken:

  1. Build 3 Gold Distributors – I help 3 people on my team reach Silver who then each help 3 people on their teams reach Silver, thereby going Gold themselves.
  2. Build 6 Silver Distributors – I help 6 people on my team reach Silver.

You may have noticed there that I have skipped Gold as a goal for myself. Obviously I will reach Gold before I reach Platinum. It just doesn’t feel like much of a goal, so I decided to go for Platinum.
If I take option 1, I will help at least 12 people reach Silver while option two only involves helping 6 people, so option 2 seems easier. On the other hand, with option 1 I only have to personally find 3 people who then find 3 people of their own while option 2 has me finding all six people myself. I’ll focus on option 2 with the intent that option 1 happens along the way.

How to Reach Silver in Nikken

The goal for each person who joins my team has to be to reach Silver. To do that, they need to generate 12,000 in volume over 3 consecutive months (average 4,000 in volume each month for 3 months) and register for Nikken’s Humans Being More seminar. That’s easier than when I did it. I had to get 20,000 in volume over 3 consecutive months.
I will write more in the near future about what kind of people I’m looking for to join my team and about how I reached Silver when I did it. In the meantime, here is a post I wrote about the mindset I established when I decided to go for Silver myself: My Success With the Law of Attraction.

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