Online Network Marketing vs Old-School MLM

successful network marketing onlineA few years ago I attended a big event put on by the Royal Diamond leaders in the network marketing company I am affiliated with. One of the leaders was asked what he thought about using the internet in network marketing. He had a very good answer.
He said the internet allows anyone to experience MLM success. In the traditional network marketing approach, it was always the big personalities who succeeded – those who could get up on stage and command an audience. The successful network marketers were the people with a lot of charisma and liked to be in the spot light – the extroverts.

Traditional Multi-Level Marketing

As I already said, traditional multi-level marketing favors the extroverts, the people who like to get out and be the center of attention in a large crowd. They go to networking events to meet people and are completely comfortable striking up a conversation with a complete stranger to see if they might have any interest in joining their network marketing business or maybe just trying out the products.
Extroverts are also very happy to spend their evenings in a hotel conference room hosting an opportunity meeting for all of their team’s prospects for the month. Or maybe they hold events in their home, like my upline does, and invite everyone in for an evening of learning about the products and the business. My upline is so gracious that they invite all of the distributors in their area to bring prospects to their home, whether the distributor is downline to them or not. Great people.

Online Network Marketing

Online network marketing opens the door of MLM success to the rest of the people. If you can connect with people on Facebook or Twitter, you can be successful in network marketing. If you can write half-way decent then you can write a couple webpages or a blog and make online network marketing work.
Introverts would rather spend their time at home and not have to mingle with large groups of people. Building an online network marketing business allows them to do that. Instead of going out and finding new prospects one at a time, an online network marketer creates content on the internet through a blog and/or posting on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, potentially reaching many new prospects at one time.
The cool thing about online network marketing opening the MLM success door to more introverted people is that it doesn’t close the door on the old-school way. The big personalities are still making it big drawing audiences to large network marketing events and signing people up. Now distributors are attracting people to their network marketing businesses online as well. Everyone can be successful in network marketing. You just have to be willing to do the work.


Building a network marketing business online isn’t necessarily easier than the traditional way. It’s just different. Either way you still have to do the work. Traditional MLM people have to get out where the people are every day. Online network marketers have to be posting new content and engaging with people online every day. The only difference is how you do it. As with all businesses, there is no guarantee of success or that you will make money no matter how you choose to build your business.
I am building my network marketing business online and I enjoy it. I enjoy creating new content for my blog and spending time on the social media sites.
So, what do you think? Do you agree that it is better to build your business in network marketing online? Leave me a comment below. Take the next step.

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