Another Reason to Avoid Replicated Websites

I mentioned in a previous post, and I don’t mean to target them specifically (because the person I believe to be behind it is one of the leaders in my upline), but the site is a really good example of a replicated website done right.
One of the things that I like about MustSeeMarketing is that, unlike Nikken’s site, you see a Nikken distributor as soon as you hit the site. You don’t have to go looking for one. But, I still don’t like replicated websites because you are giving a lot of your online business opportunity away.
Say that your replicated website shows #1 in results for a search and mine shows #5. Because the replicated site ranks higher they get more traffic than mine, so at the end of the month it has earned 20,000 in sales volume and mine only 5,000. Even if you are sharing the site with only 9 other people (10 total), your average volume per person is 2,000 while I get the full 5,000 from mine. Though my site doesn’t rank as high, I make more than twice as much money. I’m also sure that there are many more than just 10 people using the replicated system too, so the numbers are even more skewed in my favor.
I’m teaching the people who join my team how to create their own website with WordPress so that they can keep everything that their website earns. It takes more time and effort but you get much better personal results.
I actually received a comment today from Jeremy, another Nikken distributor that I helped get started recently. He said “What I don’t understand is why there aren’t other people doing this. ┬áIt seems easy!”
If you are interested in people, wellness, making money by helping people learn more about wellness, and doing it all online (and it really is easy), then take a look at the Nikken business opportunity and find out more about joining my team.
Wayne Woodworth

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