Bob Proctor, Financial Freedom and Multiple Sources of Income

Bob Proctor Multiple=Someone sent me a four-part series of videos by Bob Proctor that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately the videos are no longer available. You will have to opt-in with your email address and they will send you a new video each day.
In the first video Bob talks about freedom and how freedom isn’t free. If you want to live a truly free life then you need to be willing to work for it.

The second video gets really good when Bob Proctor starts talking about Multiple Streams of Income, or MSIs, and making money while you sleep. Do you know anyone who has a lot of money who gets it all from just one single source? I don’t know of any.
Bob talks about fear in the third video and how fear is the biggest reason why people don’t achieve their dreams.
Bob Proctor gives us some very good information in these videos. Whether you decide to actually do anything with what you learn from watching them or not, you at least owe it to yourself to opt-in for the video series to hear what he has to say. Who knows, you might learn something from one of these videos that marks a turning point in your life. Bob has certainly done that for a huge number of people during the 50 years he has been studying success.

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