Why Is Nikken the Best Wellness Network Marketing Company?

I’ve said it before and I’m sure that Nikken will give me plenty more reasons to say it again and again as time goes on. Nikken is the best network marketing company in the wellness market, and I think you will agree when you are done reading.

Nikken just wrapped up their annual convention in Cancun, Mexico last weekend where they introduced new products and reaffirmed why thousands of consultants in 37 countries have decided to stick with Nikken.

Most network marketing companies in the wellness niche focus on a handful of nutritional-type products. Usually a magic juice that will cure you of all your ailments, maybe an energy drink, and some form of vitamin. That would be all well and good if your wellbeing was based solely on what you ate. But it isn’t.

Your wellness is the result of everything you do, every place you go, and everything you think. Your nutrition is a part of that and Nikken does address that with their whole-food nutritional line. A little more than two weeks ago Nikken introduced CiagaV, a certified organic blend of acai berry, maqui berry, elderberry, and a few other fruits.

Nikken’s real strength is in taking care of your immediate environment. The air you breathe, the water you drink, your exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field and to the Sun’s far-infrared energy are all areas where Nikken has excelled for years. Nikken has been known as the magnet company since they started 35 years ago in Japan and over the years they have added the rest of their technologies.

At the convention this past weekend they added one more important aspect of your environment to their line-up: the light that you are exposed to and read by. They have added a full-spectrum light desk lamp that will be available in mid November 2010, just a few weeks from now. Studies have shown that the quality of light that you are exposed to affects your ability to pay attention and stay focused, so it affects your productivity. It can also affect your mood.

An excellent example of how important light is to your wellness occurs in the far north and south during the winter months. SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is believed to be caused by a lack of exposure to sunlight. People who suffer from SAD experience symptoms similar to depression. Many consultants I have heard from are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new Kenko Lights to see how they will affect various challenges that people face.

If wellness is something that you are interested in – your wellness, your family’s wellness, and everyone’s wellness – then maybe Nikken is a good fit for you. Find out more here about the Nikken business opportunity or better yet, just leave me a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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5 Responses to Why Is Nikken the Best Wellness Network Marketing Company?

  1. Gary Bolton says:

    It is great that Nikken continues to focus on our environment and bringing natural energies into the home. No other organism has ever changed it’s environment more so that man. Is it any wonder that we suffer from so many challenges in our health. Kudos for continuing to beat the drum, getting peoples attention and educating them to natural solutions to common afflictions.

    • Thanks for the comment Gary and it was great seeing you last night at Jack and Sheri’s. They are another great example of my Nikken is the best company. The Nikken culture is to help everyone else whether they are in your downline or not. You can take your people down there and get all that great information even though they don’t make even one penny from anything that you do in your business. Awesome culture.

  2. Rica Zilber says:

    Great material thanks a lot

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